Ocase Wallet Style Samsung Galaxy S7 Case Review: A Stylish And Affordable Way To Protect That Expensive Phone

Welcome to my Ocase Wallet Style Samsung Galaxy S7 case review. When it comes to a phone as gorgeous and expensive as the Galaxy S7, protection is a must, particularly if you want your phone to remain in a gorgeous state. Protecting a phone as nice as the S7 with a case just as nice doesn’t have to cost a fortune either and the Ocase wallet style case proves that point. It’s available in two colours. Black and Brown. I have both the colours in my possession.

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Both cases are the same with the exception of the colour. I will admit while I like both cases, the brown one is my favourite as it gives the case a classic feeling. Now onto the main design points. Style plays a big part in the design of this case. The entire outside is coated in PU leather, which while not as good as real leather, does do a fantastic job of making this case look the part. Running my hand around the case provides a smooth and flawless feel to the finish. Present on the bottom right-hand corner of the front flap is the OC case logo which has been etched into the flap. The flap is secured down by a magnetic lock that ensures the flap stays closed at all times when the phone isn’t in use. The lock is actually one of the most sturdiest I have ever come across on a phone case.

Once opened you are greeted by two sides as you would expect. On the left side are three pockets for debit/credits card and a pocket for cash. I personally never use this feature on any case of this style as it means if you lose your phone, you lose the everything else with the phone. There’s also another etching present here. This one is located at the bottom of the debit/credit card section and says ‘Designed by Ocase in NYC’. This may seem like a strange area to put this but I kind of like it as it reminds me the case has been designed by the company themselves in New York instead of being a generic mass-produced case that is being sold under many different brands.

On the right-hand side is the plastic shell that holds the S7 in place. This shell feels nice and strong, which gives me confidence that it will last a long time. It also has all the appropriate cutouts, which are all accurately placed to ensure the best possible access to things like ports, buttons and the camera. The shell is only half glued onto the case, this is because the case can be used to sit the phone in a horizontal position to watch movies or T.V shows without having to hold the phone yourself.

The build quality is fantastic. There are no stitches out-of-place and the case has a solid and secure feel to it.

In use:

Placing and removing the S7 from this case are both easy jobs to as it simply clips into the case and pulls out with a bit of lifting and pushing. Once in the case, the phone is still as easy it was before to use. All buttons, ports and the camera are fully accessible.

The case also does a wonderful job of protecting the S7 from accidental falls. It actually dropped out of my pocket onto a solid ground a few days ago and no damage was done to the phone or the case for that matter at all.

I did find the case a bit weak in the standing the phone up horizontally department as I had a lot of issues getting it to keep the phone stood up. This isn’t a huge issue for me as I don’t watch a lot of things on my phone, I prefer bigger screens for that sort of stuff.


This case by Ocase for the Samsung Galaxy S7 is a fantastic case in my opinion. It looks stylish and feels well made. I love that it manages to combine style and practically at such a low price point.

DISCLAIMER: I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.


  • The price
  • The build quality
  • It looks nice


  • Not so good at standing the phone up horizontally

OCASE Samsung Galaxy S7 Case [ Card Slot ] [ Kickstand ] Leather Flip Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 - Burgundy
  • COMPATIBILITY - This case is ONLY designed for SAMSUNG Galaxy S7
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL- High-quality simulated leather provides additional superior protection for your Samsung Galaxy S7 from drops, knocks and scratches. The premium quality material offers a long-term lifespan and durability for your case. The smooth vogue simulated leather finish gives this case a sensual touch that will enhance the pleasure of owning this prestige phone case
  • MAGNETIC CLOSURE - Your phone is safer with the effective magnetic leather strap, whose magnetic component is strong enough to keep the case firmly closed
  • HANDS-FREE OPTIMIZED - The stand function allows you to adjust your smartphone in the ideal position for reading or watching
  • FULL PROTECTION - 60 Days Money Back Guarantee & 2 Years Warranty

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