Moto G6 Play Spigen Rugged Armor Case Review

Despite being, a cheap phone, there’s no denying that the Moto G6 Play is a gorgeous looking device, which is why it deserves to be treated like one, which is where the Moto G6 Play Spigen Rugged Armor case comes into it.

This is a budget-friendly case, made by one of the most well-known phone accessory makers in the market. The Rugged Armor series is made for many different models of phones.



  • Compatible with Moto G6 Play and Moto E5
  • Spigen’s patented carbon fiber design with smooth edges
  • Exact fit with super slim profile
  • Flexible TPU layer for easy application
  • Military grade protection

Design and fit

Despite its low price, the Moto G6 Play Spigen Rugged Armor case isn’t bad in the looks department, thanks to its use of carbon fiber and a matt black finish that gives it a simplistic yet modern look.

The TPU material used has been designed to absorb drops and falls that your device may encounter in its day-to-day life. It also features Air cushion technology around the corners for extra impact protection.


At the top and bottom of the rear end is a carbon fiber insert, while between these two inserts sits a big area of matt black complete with the Spigen branding running vertically when the phone is in the upright position. There are two precise cutouts for the camera and fingerprint scanner, which both sit nicely around their components.

There are dedicated covers for the buttons so even they aren’t exposed and just like the actual buttons on the phone, the volume rocker cover is smooth, while the power button cover is textured so you can easily find the button you’re looking for.

All other ports around the edge of the case such as the microphones, microUSB and the 3.5mm audio jack are very well cut, providing plenty of room for things like your earphone jack and microUSB cable.

Around the front of the case, there’s a protruding lip that ensures the display is slightly raised and therefore protected from flat surfaces. This means there’s a level of protection to the screen when the phone is left screen down or if you accidentally drop the phone from am moderate height.

While I deeply love the design of this case, there are a few things I don’t like. One being that little specs of dirt and dust gather around the edges of the cutouts and the lip around the front. The other being that the matt black finish is so smooth, it can be a slippery affair at times.

Fans of color choice will be disappointed to learn that the Moto G6 Play Spigen Rugged Armor case comes in only one color, which is black. It would be nice to see various other colors in the future of this case lineup.

Putting the Rugged Armor case on the Moto G6 Play is an easy task, as is removing it. Once on the phone, the case feels nice and tight with about loose movement of the device inside it. It also doesn’t add too much bulk to the device, meaning it still feels quite slim in comparison to what some rugged cases would do to the profile of the phone.


Final verdict

The Moto G6 Play Spigen Rugged Armor case is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a decent level of protection at a pocket-friendly price. it fits the phone really well and doesn’t add much bulk to the overall size of the device.

I mentioned it briefly in the features section, but this case is also compatible with the Moto E5 (not the Moto E5 Plus or Moto E5 Play) as both the E5 and G6 Play share the same body.



  • Low price
  • Solid protection
  • Excellent cutouts
  • Well made


  • Dust and dirt collects around the edges
  • Slippery at times
  • Only available in one color