Life Mall Smart Bracelet Review: A Fun Way To Track Your Fitness

Welcome to my Life Mall Smart Bracelet review. This is an affordable entry into the world of fitness trackers. It has several functions which have surprised me given that this is a really cheap tracker.

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The tracker consists of two main physical parts. The bracelet which comes in many different colours (the one I have is black) and the tracker itself.

Life Mall Smart Bracelet review

The bracelet is made of a thick rubber and feels very strong. It has 8 fitting holes ensuring it can fit most wrist sizes with ease, on my wrist I have it set to the third hole which is just tight enough to keep the bracelet in place without causing me any discomfort. A metal stud is used to lock the band. At the top is a capsule shaped cutout, this is where the tracker sits in the bracelet. Once in properly the tracker is nice and secure, although it can be a bit hard to get it out.

The tracker is the main part that houses all the technology including the battery and 0.69 inches OLED display. It’s shaped very much like a medication capsule. There really isn’t much to look at when it’s not doing anything. It’s just a glossy black capsule. On the bottom of it is small heart rate sensor, while at the right-hand edge is a set of two pins, these are for connecting the tracker to the small charging dock cable that comes included. Lastly the top consists of the OLED display and a small raised bump that is a touch sensitive button to turn the display on.

This bracelet also consists of one other part, but this isn’t a physical item, no this is the application which is available here for Android devices and here for iOS devices. Unfortunately, Windows devices aren’t supported.

As I use a HTC One M9, I downloaded the application for the Play store, now the instructions do have a QI code for each store, but for some reason they have printed right next to each other, which meant my Android device kept catching the iOS link, so, in the end, I found the app in the Play Store myself.

Having used applications like this one before, I did initially think this application was going to be terrible, but I was actually wrong. This is a brilliant application and it works extremely well with this tracker.

The U.I of the application is visually pleasing and looks quite nice. There are four main screens and a GPS tracking screen. The four main screens are as follows:

  • Settings screen- This screen has many different subheadings that all relate to settings for the device and your personal profile. From here you can set stuff such as your name, Age, height and weight as well as other things such as how long the display on the tracker stays on for.
  • Step screen- This screen shows you how many steps you have taken based on readings from the trackers built-in pedometer. It also tells you how far you have walked in miles on the current day as well as how many calories you have burnt.
  • Sleep screen- This screen displays how many hours you have slept. It splits the total amount of hours between deep sleep and light sleep.
  • Rate screen- This screen displays all the readings from the heart rate sensors test. It shows your minimum, average and maximum beats per minute. It also allows you to tell the tracker to begin or stop the BPM test.

With the exception of the sleep screen, most of this information can also be displayed on the trackers OLED display. Pushing the button on the tracker once will show the time, battery level and Bluetooth status. Pressing it twice will reveal how many steps you have taken. Pushing it three times will display how many miles you have walked. A fourth time will reveal your previous minimum BPM. If you let the screen go off on its own, it will stay on the last display it remembers so if it goes off on miles walked and you push the button again it will display miles walked.

Communication between the application and the tracker is brilliant. It is incredibly easy to pair the tracker with the application. Simply start the application and allow the application to find your tracker. If your phone’s Bluetooth is turned off the application will ask if it can turn it on for you, simply say yes and the application will find the band whic is named ‘DayDay band’ by default. Now select it and the two will pair and any information already stored on the tracker will simply sync with the application allowing you to view it all from your phone. I do occasionally have an issue where the band and application disconnect from each other for no reason but this is very rare and reconnecting the two is simple.

The application also has a setting that allows you to set up push notifications to the tracker. By default calls and SMS are set but you can add even more by telling your phone to allow push notifications to external devices. I have set up Facebook and Snapchat to send a message to the tracker which in turn vibrates for a few seconds and flashes a picture of an envelope to tell me I have a notification relating to either of these two applications.

In use:

One thing I am unable to comment on is just how accurate this band may be. I can’t see it being very inaccurate at all, but at the same time, I can’t say it’s 100% accurate as I have no way to test this on my own. However, I can say I feel confident it’s somewhere between 85% accurate and 95% accurate. I’m basing this figure on how I have used it, so for example when I have been in a chilled mood I have tested the heart rate sensor and it always gives between 60 to 100 BPM as a result, but if I’m anxious or not very calm at all it goes past 100. The step counter also had a little test with me and it was pretty much accurate, although sometimes it can pick up things that aren’t really steps such as shaking your leg or stretching it.

The application is fantastic and works incredibly well with the tracker. It synchs the data and allows me to set things the way I want them. As I mentioned in the design category there is sometimes a connection issue but it’s not too bad.

The application can also be used to compare days of the entire month to see what days you slept most or what days your heart rate was its best at. This is a handy way to monitor just how well your fitness goals are coming along.


For the price, this really is a bargain. It’s packed full of decent features, the application is pretty good and the bracelet is almost 100% accurate. It’s comfortable to wear and comes in a choice of many different colours for the bracelet band.

DISCLAIMER: I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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