Kmoso High Precision Active Stylus Pen Review: Is It Worth Almost £30?

The Kmoso high precision active stylus pen is a stylus designed to work with most types of touchscreen devices such as smart phones and tablets. Since it’s an active stylus, it works off a built in battery that controls all the relevant electronics in the pen.

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Kmoso High Precision Active Stylus Pen Review: Product features

Please be aware that the following list is taken from the product information page. It may be edited slightly, but only to remove spelling and grammar mistakes.

1. Kmoso ® Newest Active Stylus Features a 1.45mm Special Copper Material and Elastic Design Tip Which Has Advantages of Improved Precision,Prevent Damage Touchscreen and Smoother Writing Motion.

2. The Finest Tip Creates a More Natural, Pen-like Stroke than Any Other Point Tip Styluses. Lightest Stylus only Weighs 14G/0.49 OZ.

3. This Active Stylus Has a Slim Anodized Aluminum Alloy Body, with Pocket Clip Very Easy to Carry and Use, and Built-in Rechargeable Battery.

4. Works with all iPads, all iPhones, and Many Popular Android Touch Screen Devices.

5. Perfect Design,Appearance Vogue, Innovative and Environmentally Friendly Product, the Tip is for Long Time Use, No Need to Replace.

Kmoso High Precision Active Stylus Pen Review: Design

I suspect many of you have seen and held a pen in your lifetime (well if not, it just shows the scarily fast pace that technology is taking over our lives), so you’ll understandably be pleased to know that this active stylus pen by Kmoso looks exactly like a typical writing pen, minus the ink on the tip. Hell, it even comes with a shirt pocket clip to give it that authentic pen feel, what more could ask for?

With a slim anodized aluminum alloy body, it looks like one of those premium metal pens your boss might use, while you’re stuck with the trusty but boring looking see through plastic biro pen. The only differences between this and a real writing pen when it comes to the design are the power button, lack of ink and a charging port on the top.

It’s quite comfortable to use as well. It easy to use for both right-handed people and left-handed people and i know this because I’m right-handed and my partner is left-handed. We have both used the pen and both feel it’s comfortable.

The built-in battery takes roughly 40 minutes to charge from flat to 100% when being charged from my PC’s USB ports. A full charge can give 8 to 10 hours of usage time. So far I’m sitting at the 7-hour mark.

Kmoso High Precision Active Stylus Pen Review: In use

While the design of the pen is quite good and is reminiscent of a writing pen, it doesn’t really do anything to excite me when using it with my phone or tablet. Sure it’s excellent for writing things on the screen and doing drawings that require precision, that simply isn’t possible with the good old finger, but feature wise it lacks anything exciting. Most active styluses come with a few features that are controlled by buttons, such as the ability to use the pen without actually touching the screen and even an ability that blocks accidental hand touches to the screen, while using the pen. This lacks those features and it doesn’t even connect to the phone, it simply turns on and just works, which can be a good thing, but also limits its uses. If you don’t turn it on, it simply won’t do anything, no matter how hard you press down.

That’s not to say it might not come in handy for some of you. As I said at the top of that last paragraph, it does work really well for writing and drawing. This means it could be used for a number of different reasons within a workspace or even at home, but for me, the lack of features and proper connectivity, make it boring.

Kmoso High Precision Active Stylus Pen Review: Overall

The Kmoso high precision active stylus pen is one of those products, you’d most likely buy and probably use once or twice, particularly if you have no real use for it. If you work in design or something similar, then it may be a worthy little product to have in your office. It’s comfortable to use and looks very much like a real pen and even feels like one too. At almost £30 though, I really can’t recommend it due to its lack of features.

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