IPhone 8 Vs IPhone X: Guest Post

IPhone 8 vs iPhone X – What’s the Difference

Apple’s much-anticipated iPhone releases have been announced at an event earlier this month. In fact, iPhone 8 models have already started selling while the high-end iPhone X will here in around a month. If you’ve been getting curious as to how iPhone 8 and iPhone X are different, we’ve done an entire roundup comparing the two iPhones in the bid to give users an idea exactly which of them outsmarts the other in which area. Let’s get on with it.

IPhone 8 vs iPhone X – Display And Design Comparison

The two iPhones are a lot different from the aesthetic point of view. Look at the two iPhones from the front and you’ll find them nowhere close. Obviously, iPhone X looks better.
As for the display, iPhone X features 5.8” OLED display with 2436×1125 pixel resolution. The pixel density for iPhone X display stands at 458ppi. And, Apple is referring to it as Super Retina HD display. The pixels in the screen have the capacity of brightening or darkening as needed individually in order to produce images with far better color accuracy and contrast. Besides, the use of True Tone tech adjusts white balance of the screen automatically according to lighting conditions of the surroundings.
The display of iPhone X also supports HDR videos. There is support for HDR 10 and Dolby Vision and the videos use them in the native color spaces. This leads to brighter and more vibrant picture compared to non-HDR content.
iPhone 8, on the contrary, comes with a conventional 4.7” screen size and offers 1334×750 pixel resolution with 326ppi pixel density. Contrary to the more tech-advanced OLED display of iPhone X
iPhone 8 features same LCD IPS display. From the design aspect, iPhone 8 doesn’t come with an edge-to- edge display rather there are traditional, thicker bezels as usual. There is home button on the front that houses Touch ID as well.

iPhone 8 vs iPhone X – Unlocking Mechanism Comparison

The old-fashioned iPhone 8 still comes with a home button and Touch ID sensor that can be used for unlocking the device as usual.
On the contrary, iPhone X features Face ID – the new breakthrough feature that Apple has invested so much time and effort on. With its depth-sensor module comprising of light receiver, transmitter, ambient light senor and proximity sensor, iPhone X can record depth data which it can use for face recognition of the user. Besides, there is a feature that makes sure that your iPhone is not unlocked when you’re just taking a look at it with no intention of unlocking the phone.
 iPhone 8 vs iPhone X – Camera Comparison

iPhone X comes with a dual-camera setup and the primary camera features two sensors, a 12-mp wide- angle lens having f/1.8 aperture alongside a 12-mp telephoto lens having f/2.4 aperture. Both these sensors come equipped with OIS which takes care of your crumbling hands and the footsteps. There is Portrait Lighting feature introduced which is actually an enhancement to the Portrait mode that we had in iPhone 7. Portrait Lighting allows you to switch between different settings such as Contour Light, Stage Light, Studio Light, Stage Light Mono and Natural Light for fine-tuning your images.
With iPhone 8, all you get is a 12-mp single rear shooter. However, as claimed by Apple, it is still an improved version of the camera that was there in iPhone 7.
As for the selfie-cam, both the devices come with a 7-mp camera.

iPhone 8 vs iPhone X – Price & Availability Comparison

Though iPhone X is a more capable iPhone as compared to the low-end iPhone 8, but it is also more on the expensive side as well. iPhone X least price is $1000 for the 64 GB model in space gray and silver. As for the availability, the pre-orders will be beginning from 27th of October and the phones will start shipping from 3rdof November.
Talking about iPhone 8, the 64 GB model will be available for $700 in silver, space gray and gold colors. Pre-orders started from 15th of September and the phone starting shipping on 22nd September.
So, we have tried to give you a clear idea about the two iPhone release from Apple this year. All the features are described and compared. Now it’s up to you to decide which of them you’d like to buy for yourself.