Hizek Wifi Endoscope Review: An Easy Way To Inspect Small Dark Areas

Welcome to my Hizek Wifi endoscope review. Endoscopes are micro cameras that are often found on the tip of an extremely flexible cable. They can come with their own built-in display or can rely on an external display such as a smartphone or PC. If they are of the external display kind, they are often meant to be connected to a device by a USB port, so that’s the charging port on a smartphone or the USB port on a PC, however the one I have today uses a wireless transmitter, that means you have more freedom with the length of the cable.

Hizek Wifi Endoscope Review: Features

  • Wifi Connection — Support wifi connection and will more convenient for you to use the item, you don’t need to worry the cable will increase the trouble when you inspecting the pipe.
  • 2 in 1 Wire Port — Except support of wifi, and support the wired connection, convenient for some buyers who unable to connect the Bluetooth. 2 in 1 design not only can connect the computer can also connect mobile phone to meet the needs of a variety of
  • Built-in 8 LED flashlight — With 8 adjustable Led flashlight, you can choose the light mode which you need. Transferring the strength of the light through rolling the knob on the cable.
  • HD Waterproof Camera Probe — HD 8.0mm snake waterproof camera with 2 million pixels to get HD pictures and video, easy to explore hard-to-reach or hard-to-see areas such as underwater pipe, car engine, vent pipe etc.
  • 5M Bendable Semi-Rigid Cable — The enough 5M length can suitable for various types of environment, bendable semi-rigid design is convenient for you to check the deep and various shapes pipe.

Hizek Wifi Endoscope Review: Design

The Hizek Wifi endoscope consists of two main parts. The first main part is the endoscope itself, which is sat on a long 5m cable.  This cable is nice and flexible but at the same time quite tough as it bends but can keep itself in shape, so, for example, you bend it around a corner and the cable will stay bent ensuring the camera doesn’t move out-of-place. Around the camera lens is a set of six LED lights that are complete with a brightness adjuster. This adjuster is in the form of a dial that sits in a box casing just above the microUSB connection. Also, present on this box is what appears to be a shutter button for taking photos, but for some reason, I can’t yet get this to function with the application.

Since this is a Wifi endoscope it only makes sense that has to be a Wifi module and of course, there is. It comes in the form of a small power bank style box that isn’t very big, but of course big enough to hold a Wifi chip and a battery to power said chip. The battery inside this pack is a 700mAh rechargeable battery that takes a few hours to charge but lasts quite a long time in use. There’s also a removable silicone jacket included with this box, that has a suction cup on the back of it, for holding the box onto a surface or the back of your device as you go down deep dark holes with the lens.

There are a few other bits included such as an attachment that allows you to see more using a mirror and some hooks for trying to fish things upwards. There’s also a cable included that converts the microUSB connection into a normal USB connection so you can connect this to a PC.

If you need an endoscope for wet situations, you’ll be happy to know this one has an IP67 rating which means it’s both dustproof and waterproof. Making it great for looking down blocked drains, or digging through dirt.

As well as the Wifi box, there’s another connection option and that’s simply connecting the microUSB connection to the microUSB socket of your phone. Unfortunately, this option isn’t a choice if your phone uses a USB-C port like the LG G5 I have been using alongside this camera.

Hizek Wifi Endoscope Review: Application

The application known as Moqo View is a rather boring looking application with basic features such as image and video capture. There’s not a lot to it at all. It simply has a menu with a blue background and four options which are video recording, photo capture, media viewing and lastly a setting menu. It really is that bland.

However, it does it job and works quite well. The Wifi box connects to it as a hotspot, which does mean you will lose internet connectivity until you go back to your own SSID. Once connected the application instantly pairs with the camera.

Hizek Wifi Endoscope Review: Image Quality

With only a 2 megapixel camera with a focal distance of 4 to 6cm, this endoscope isn’t going to blow you away with high-quality images. Instead what you do get are clear enough to view images and videos that make it easy enough to identify what you are looking at. Sort of like a phone from before 2010. The images are grainy and distorted, without a single touch of class. Just see for yourself in the below images.

Hizek Wifi Endoscope Review: Overall

This is a fairly decent Wifi endoscope that is well made and works well. The picture quality isn’t awesome but it’ll do and the application is quite boring in terms of design and features. I would definitely recommend this, though, to anyone whose job involves looking into dark areas.

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