Fosmon Moto G3 Clear TPU Case Review: A Great Case For Protection, But Design Wise It Has Flaws

Welcome to my Fosmon Moto G3 Clear TPU Case review. The Moto G3 may be one of the cheapest phones on the market, but it certainly does look nice and that’s why I decided to buy this Fosmon case for it.

Design and fit:

There are several colors of this case available so options are there. I went for the clear see through case as I wanted to be able to see the red battery cover I have on my Moto G3. When it first arrived I loved the clear TPU and the fact I could still see the phone clearly, but within a week, the case had developed a yellow tinge (before you say it, I’ll point out that I don’t smoke and no one in my house does). This yellow tinge has gotten worse and has pretty much worked its way around the case. If this started after a few months, I wouldn’t be as bothered, but since it started within a week, it has led me to wonder why it has suddenly gone this horrible color. The Fosmon logo around the back has also started to disappear.

While the case fits nicely around the phone, it is slack on the top and bottom lips which means the case has often pulled slightly away from the top and bottom of the phone. I correct this by pushing the lips back into place, but they do eventually just slip out-of-place again, so I’m essentially fighting a losing battle.

All the cutouts and buttons are in the right area and there’re no issues with alignment of the ports and buttons. The camera cutout on the back of the case does seem to favor one side more than the other, which means it’s slightly out-of-place and not 100% central as it should be. Luckily this is just cosmetic and has no real effect on the camera or flash.

In use:

I will praise this case for its protective capabilities as it really has done quite a good job. A few times now my phone has fallen out of my hoody and on to the solid ground with this case on and not once has it got marked. The worst drop was a few days ago when I was in a rush to get my son to nursery. I was rushing out of my house and down the three steps out of my gate, when all of a sudden my phone slipped out and went hurtling to the ground screen first. The lip that covers over the edges of the front of the phone managed to protect the screen from any damage, which was a huge relief for me.

I do have a few issues when using the case such as the top and bottom lip and the fact it makes me look as if I’m a smoker on 50 a day. The yellow tinge really is quite nasty to look at.

Moto G3 Clear TPU Case review


In terms of protection, I love this case, but design wise I am quite disappointed. The tinge within a week and the top and lower lips slipping out-of-place are both things that really annoy me. Once again thank you for reading my Moto G3 Clear TPU Case review.

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