Cewaal 3D Virtual Reality Headset Review

Virtual reality headsets have recently taken off with a huge load of attention from the media, these VR headsets are top of the range headsets that use a PC or PS4 to create a VR world, the one I’m reviewing isn’t on that level at all and is actually just designed to make use of a mobile phone. It’s pretty much similar to Google cardboard headsets with one main difference, which is that it’s made from plastic instead.

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Since this is made from plastic it has the edge over the typical google cardboard design, that edge is that it’s far more durable as it isn’t going to fall apart due to a bit of rain water. It is however very bulky in comparison to a cardboard headset, which does, in my opinion, make it slightly uncomfortable during long periods of use. However, the manufacturers have done their best to make sure it is as comfortable as it can be, such features for comfort included a thick padding around the eye area and a very comfortable elasticated head strap.

Virtual Reality 3D Glasses

The front of the headset opens outwards to allow you to place your phone behind a clear plastic door. Inside this area are two adjustable L-shaped clips that house a bottom corner of the phone each, these adjust to fit phones with screen sizes from 4.0 inch to 6.5 inch. My HTC One M9 sits well within these clips and with the door closed feels very safe and unlikely to ever fall out.

Something else that makes these different to a traditional cardboard headset is that the lenses can actually be focused, whereas in a traditional cardboard headset they are fixed into place with no way of focusing them at all. You can also change the width of the lenses using a switch at the bottom of this headset.

In use:

Unfortunately, the instructions included with this headset don’t really mention what application you need to use to make full use of these. So if your new to this sort of thing it can be a bit confusing, but fear not as the answer is quite simple, you just need to simply search for applications with VR in the description and title on your devices applications store, so for Android that’s Google Play and for IOS that’s the App Store.

Now, unfortunately, I have hit another snag here and that’s that some games and applications are unusable as some do require to tap the screen to get around menus and unfortunately there’s no way of tapping the screen of the phone while this headset is in use, this makes it impossible to start any applications or games that require this action without removing the phone.

That said the applications it can make use are really fun thanks to the motion sensors in your phone and the way it feels like your sat in the application itself. While some don’t fully work with this headset there are tonnes that do and they are just so good.


Overall this is a fantastic bit of kit that can be sued to create some serious fun, however, I do feel it’s limited in what it can do as there’s no way to tap your phone’s screen when using it within the headset.

DISCLAIMER: I received this product as a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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