Alcatel Move Track Review

The Alcatel Move Track is a portable GPS tag that can be used to track luggage or just regular handbags. The Alcatel Move Track works with the Vodafone network and makes use of Vodafone’s V-Sim, a sim designed for smart devices that aren’t mobiles or tablets. To use the Move Track, you must have a Vodafone contract device and a V-sim for the GPS tag. The V-sim GPS tracking does require a payment of £3.00 a month on top of your standard contract fees.

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Alcatel OneTouch

When it comes to GPS trackers, size is something to consider, after all, if a thief gets your bag, you don’t want them finding the tracker and disposing of it before you get the chance to find your property. Well, in all honesty, the Move Track doesn’t really look like, it has been designed to be hidden. While it may be small and by small I mean it sits nicely in the palm of my hand, there’s nothing much to disguise it or even have it securely in place.

In terms of looks, it’s a small black square with the Alcatel logo on the front, with three small LED status lights above it. On one side is a power button and just below it, sitting on the bottom side is a rubber flap that protects the microUSB port from liquid ingress. Also on the bottom is a removable panel secured into place by two screws, this panel reveals the V-sim card slot. A screwdriver comes included to enable you to access the sim area.

Alcatel OneTouch

Included in the box is a blue rubber casing that allows you to tag the Move track onto an item of luggage such as a suitcase or bag. The tag clip simply wraps around the device and is ready to use with no extra input. the tag then simply wraps around the luggage like any normal luggage tag would.

Alcatel OneTouch

It’s no secret that GPS is a battery eater when it comes to mobile devices, so it’s actually a relief to see that the opposite applies to the Move Track. The built-in battery offers an astonishing 4 days of use between charges, meaning you can rest assured your belongings will be trackable throughout your trip. I only ever had to charge the device once throughout my seven-day trip.

The Move Track application which can be found on both Google Play and the Apple App Store is a simple, yet effective application that works really well. It’s packed full of neat features including a tracker location history and a message center that keeps you informed of tracker events such as the battery status and if the tracker has been disconnected at all.

When a tracker is selected, you are greeted with a display of a map, showing the trackers location and surrounding areas. You can freely move around the map using your fingers and zoom in and out by pinching. There’s also an option to display your phone’s location on the map too. An important thing to point out is that the map is powered by Google maps, which means you know it will always be kept up to date and working well.

In terms of the user interface it’s fairly clean and very simple. there’s no clutter or things that shouldn’t be there. It’s all rather straightforward in all honesty and you can tell the developers have thought long and hard about the application and how to make it effectively work with the Move Track device.

I have had a few opportunities to put the Alcatel Move Track to the test and one such opportunity was on a trip to Scotland. While it’s not quite putting your bag on a luggage carousel and leaving unattended for any period of time, it was still a good way to test the Move Track’s capabilities.

I started by tracking the device as I was sat on the coach. Of course, the device was essentially with me, but in the luggage compartment. As the coach traveled, so was the little icon on my phone display and I was amazed to see just how well it was keeping up with the actual movement of the coach. There was barely any delay although during some points of the journey there was a bit of lag, this was nothing too bad.

I found at stopping locations such as the hotel, that the tracker point on the map was pretty much around the building I was in, meaning that accuracy is pretty good. Even in some of the most remote areas that I visited the tracker did a wonderful job.

Added peace of mind is always a lovely bonus to have and it’s one thing you definitely need when it comes to your belongings. While the Alcatel Move Track might not be inconspicuous enough to deter a thief, it certainly is a good a bit of kit to have, should you accidentally misplace your bag.


  • Easy to set up
  • Great battery life
  • Easy to use and well-designed application


  • Not very discreet

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