This post is written by Lisa Myers. She works at Coupon Goo as a software engineer.

It is obvious that we have entered into a post-PC world in which our computers are almost entirely replaced by mobile phones and tablets. When we have a look at smartphones, we realize that it can do plenty of things for us, but when it comes to the matter of a tablet, we find that it can do even better things than mobile phones. For instance, it has a big screen and we can watch any movie on it. Apart from videos, it is also very easy to read documents on our tablets because we don’t have to scroll down again and again as we do on our smartphones. All these things contribute to the importance of tablets.

But there are still many activities that only PCs can do, and even the latest tablets are nowhere near PCs when it comes to the matter of effective functioning. Take, for instance, video editing or spreadsheet working; these things can best be done only on PCs. Another important aspect worth mentioning is gaming: you can play games on tablets fairly easily but when the heavy games are in question, only PCs are suitable for that. If you want to buy the latest tablet online, you can explore different tablets and many other related products on Groupon, which you can get at discounted prices.

Here is a list of seven things that tablets still can’t do.

  1. Storage Capacities

You might be amazed to look at the digital screens of iPad, its 4G LTE wireless features, and its high-definition front and back camera, but when it comes to the matter of storage, it is still available up to the maximum of 64GB. The worst thing is that you cannot even add an external storage card. There are other tablets that feature external storage, but still, they are nowhere near PCs which can store up to many Terabytes.

The supporters of Apple claim that Apple provides you an excellent function of iCloud and you can store how much data you want in it. But the problem is that most of the times internet isn’t spotty, besides it is better to store data in your personal possession.

  1. Weak Password Managers

Apple’s password managers aren’t as strong as they would li8ke us to believe. Many security companies studied and conducted some research on the password keepers, and out of 13 password keepers, only one was found reliable which encrypted data completely before storing the password. Even with the help of small apps, it was extremely easy to store the unencrypted password. This doesn’t apply to the tablets only; it is also true for mobiles.

  1. Posture

In many fields, we see that computers are totally replaced by tablets like restaurants and hospitals and we can see the increasing trend of tablets. Most people believe that tablets are very easy to use because you can use them however you want, like when you are sitting or sleeping, however, a medical study conducted in 2011 indicates that tablets have made our posture than it was when we were using PCs.

Another concern raised by many experts is regarding ergonomic issues. It might seem very easy – even comfortable – to hold your tablet for, say, 20 minutes, but holding it in your hands all day long and doing work on it is another thing.

  1. Gaming

As mentioned earlier, for gamers, tablets are nowhere near PCs. It cannot be denied that tablets, too, have some interesting features that complement gaming, for instance, retina display, quad-core graphics, and outstanding touch make iPad perfect for touch and swipe gaming. But when we have a look at the best games available in the market, most of them require multi-pad keyboards and tabs aren’t suitable especially for first person shooting games.

  1. Printing

It is true that you can print from your tablets as well, but the process is far more complex than printing via PCs. In fact, when you want to print from your tablet, you need a proprietary solution. On the other hand, all you need to do to print from PCs is connect them with the printer or better yet, you can also print via W-Fi or LAN connection. You can print something through iPad using AirPrint feature. This feature is available in a variety of companies like Canon, Epson, and HP. For Android tablets, there are also multiple tabs available.

  1. CD or DVD Rooms

With the advancement of technology, hardware was minimized further and further, and it is still being done. In near future, we expect things that will be far smaller than the tech things that now are, and at the same time will be much more efficient. An interesting thing is that despite being reduced in hardware, many laptops still maintain DVD Rooms, and these have a specific purpose. For instance, you made a backup few years back in a DVD and now you want to access it; if you are using a tablet, you are doomed to failure because tablets don’t contain any such thing as DVD Roms.

  1. Microsoft Word and Other Desktop Software

There are different software that PC and only PC is able to run them smoothly, for instance, Microsoft word and Adobe Photoshop. You will certainly find some tablet versions of this software, but they are so cut down that you can hardly call them apps. Apart from that, there are many modifications and changes when you compare the desktop software and mobile apps. One of the most important arguments that supporters of PC give when they say tablets can never replace PCs I that because software like Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop are most efficiently compatible with the PCs.