Marsboy 15 W Solar Charger Review

I own many mobile power banks that rely on a charged battery to provide charge to mobile phones, this is different, though, this has no battery whatsoever and basically relies on the sun and nothing else to charge your device. This means no sun, no charge, although you also don’t need to have a nice big red hot glowing sun as I have learnt during my use of this charger by Marsboy.


Marsboy 15 W Solar Charger

The design of this incorporates three large sized solar panels that are each in their own sewed up fabric compartment. Each compartment folds over to create a tablet sized slab when closed for easy transportation. As well as the three different rectangular areas for the panels, there’s also one area that has a hook and loop fastened pocket that contains room for a phone as well as small voltage controller with two built-in USB ports, one port is marked 2.1A and the other is 2.5A. There is a full set of instructions on this pocket as well which tell you how to use the charger. There are four hoops positioned in different corners of the panel kit, these allow you to place the kit on hooks on a wall or on a backpack.

In use:

I haven’t used this fully charge my phone yet, but have used it to keep my phone battery going while outside listening to music through a Bluetooth speaker, I was presently surprised at how well it worked given there was more cloud than sun in the sky that day. It was charging my phone battery with no issues what so ever. I was very pleased with those results. However I do have one issue that relates back to design and that is that unless it’s sunny or there’s a bit of sun shining through the clouds this is useless as there’s no backup battery. So if it’s sunny but quickly goes very dark outside you will have no way of charging your device until it gets lighter again. This means you will most likely have to carry around a power bank as well. With that out of the way, I love everything else about this device.

Marsboy 15 W Solar Charger


An easy to use kit that works great as long as there’s a bit of sun at least, however, do be warned you may still need to carry around a power bank just in case the sun goes inside.

DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.