Lizimandu Ultra Slim Samsung Galaxy S7 Wallet Case Review: A Nice Case With A Few Small Issues


Welcome to my Lizimandu Ultra Slim Samsung Galaxy S7 Wallet Case review. The Galaxy S7 is with no doubts a gorgeous phone and the last thing I would personally want to do is damage those gorgeous looks by accidentally dropping it with no case on. There are obviously a number of cases on the market to protect this phone, but today I am reviewing a wallet style case by Lizimandu.

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This case is available in two colors, brown and black. I have the black version, but in all honesty from the stock photos on the Amazon listing the brown version looks better. The first thing I will say about the design is tat the case is not scratch resistant as advertised, I have been using this for over two weeks and the case has a few scratches on it. I wouldn’t be as bothered if they didn’t claim it to be scratch resistant.

The material used is faux leather and it coats the entire outside of the case. Of course, it also coats the entire inside of the case too, although it is covered mostly on the right-hand side by the plastic shell for the phone. The left-hand side is home to three slots, one for which has a see-through panel for the likes of an I.D card, the other two slots are for debit/credit card and other types of card you would carry in your purse or wallet. Personally, I don’t find myself using these slots as it means that if you are unfortunate to lose your phone, you will lose the cards too.

The shell for the phone is made from plastic, which is good as its strong, but it also means that placing the phone within the shell or removing it from the shell can be a bit of a risk since the edges of the plastic can scratch phones quite easily.

All the cutouts and buttons are fully in-line with the part of the phone they need to be in line with. The top and bottom parts of the shell are open, which means the entire bottom and top of the phone are fully exposed.

The camera cutout is placed as it should be, which means the edges of the cutout don’t get in the way of the lens as you take photos.

In use:

The case has so far done a great job of protecting my phone from any major damage. I have dropped it a few times by mistake while in this case and so far the S7 remains as gorgeous as it was before I put it in the case.

The phone fits in the case quite easily and comes out just as easily. You may need to use a screen protector particularly if you are going to be using the card slots on the left-hand side of the case.


This is an okay case for the S7. The phone fits in quite well and does feel well protected. I do think it’s miss leading to say the case is scratch resistant as it is at all, I know this because my case has some scratches on it.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.


  • Phone fits well
  • Case does a good job of protecting the phone


  • Leather isn’t scratch resistant
  • Plastic shell could end up scratching phone

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