Lightstory L7 Desklamp And Bluetooth Speaker Review: A Two In One Speaker And Lamp


Welcome to my Lightstory L7 Desklamp and Bluetooth Speaker review. This certainly is different to most of the table lamps I have ever reviewed and that’s because it’s also a Bluetooth speaker. Yes, you read that right, this is a two in one device.

Design and quality:

This lamp/speaker is a round tubular shape that stands vertically. It actually sort of looks like a chunky candle in that respect. There are several buttons located in different areas of the lamp/speaker. On the front of the base are three buttons, two for volume control as well as track switching and one for turning the device on and off as well pausing and playing music. Turning the device upside down reveals three more buttons and a reset button. The three main user buttons here are a mode switching button, a timer button and a repeat button. At the very top of the device is the speaker grill and running around this is a silver trim, that at first looks like a silver trim with no other purpose than simply being a decoration, but a simple press of this cycles through the three colors, which are as follows, yellow (this has four brightnesses that are cycled through by tapping the trim), red and lastly blue. The light mode is rather nice and I love how its add an effect that adds to the overall music listening experience.

Around the rear side of the base are a small microphone, a MicroSD slot and a MicroUSB port for charging the built-in battery. The battery in this lamp/speaker isn’t very impressive, to be honest. It can up to five hours of use and that’s only if you use one feature at a time, for example, the light without music playing or vice versa. Then factor in the 3.5-hour charging time and this really does become an issue as there’s only 1.5 hours difference.

The build quality is fantastic and I have nothing to complain about in regards to it. The device feels very solid and isn’t too heavy or too light, it’s basically just right.

Lightstory L7 Desklamp

Setup and signal reliability:

As is the case with many modern Bluetooth devices the initial pairing of this with my phone was quite easy and very quick. There was no hassle at all. If you haven’t done this before, don;t worry as the included manual is very detailed in telling you how to do it.

The signal strength is, for the most part, reliable although I do sometimes have a few small issues with audio skipping and jumping even if the speaker and the phone are in the same room. It’s not too bad or much of a common occurrence, but it’s still annoying when it happens.

A nice little addition to this speaker is the MicroSD slot which allows you to play music directly from an inserted MicroSD card. This is great if you don’t have a Bluetooth device. Also present though is an FM radio tuner so you can listen to radio stations as well.

Sound and microphone quality:

The sound quality of this isn’t too bad at all. I have heard better, but I have also heard much worse. Lyrics are clear but the bass has a very hollow sound to it. So while the audio is clear, the bass does seem a bit too deep. Check it out for yourself in my review video.

The FM radio mode was a bit hit and miss and it seemed like a real struggle to pick up a station without having any horrible crackling noise in the background, this could be due to my location but I do find it disappointing that it’s struggling to pick up a signal when my normal radio does it with ease.

The microphone works really well and I have been able to use it for both Skype calls and normal phone calls without any issues at all. The person on the other end of the phone is able to hear me with no issues at all.


This is a pretty good speaker, it does have some issues such as the low battery life between charges and the deep bass that gives the speaker a hollow sound. That said audio is clear, the microphone works well and the lights are quite good.


I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.