T1 Race Corsair Gaming Chair! It’s A Thing Now

Yes, the T1 Race Corsair Gaming Chair is now a thing. Not satisfied enough with already being one of the biggest names in the PC components/accessory world, Corsair yesterday (16/05/2017) launched its first ever gaming chair.

T1 Race Corsair Gaming Chair

The T1 Race offers a steel skeleton frame with dense foam cushioning to provide comfort, strength and durability for many gaming years to come. It has 4D movement armrest, which allows the user to move them left, right, forwards, backwards or even swivel them. Yes, this chair literally allows for user customization.

Corsair claims the T1 Race Corsair Gaming Chair has been designed to support the back and the neck. I must say from the images so far it looks very comfortable. It can also be tilted all the way back, for those of us who like to fall asleep at the PC.

There’s a gas lift as you would expect on any PC chair and there’s even a tilt lock feature. The chair is available in five colors Yellow, Blue, Red, White and Black. The price in US dollars is $350. So this does sit up there in terms of pricing.

As the name implies, the T1 Race Corsair Gaming Chair is shaped like the seats of race cars. This design has been used for many years by different PC chair manufacturers. Why? Is a mystery but one thing for sure they do look nice.