News: The Moon Is Getting 4G

Finally, Aliens will be able to contact us without having to travels millions of light years away and it’s all thanks to Vodafone who with the help of Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Nokia, Audi and PTScientists will be installing a 4G network on the moon.

The Moon Is Getting 4G

As exciting as it sounds, this isn’t really meant for interstellar contact with beings that may or may not exist. It’s actually a network that has been designed to allow for communication between a pair of rovers and their base station before said information is sent back down to earth. The purpose of the mission itself is to analyze moon and provide more information on it.

The exciting part of all this is that one the mission is over, the network will remain in place. It may not seem important right now, but this could well be the start of something big and may well help in the future if we’re for some very unlikely reason forced to live on the moon. Although that last point is as already said, very unlikely, but we can dream right?