News: Land Rover Has Made A Phone

Yes you read that title right, Land Rover has made a phone and just like the off-road car companies 4X4’s it’s quite the rugged contender that has been designed to take whatever is thrown at it with very little consequence.

Listed below are bestselling Land Rover has made which satisfy both affordability and quality.

Known as the Land Rover Explore and built by a British company Bullitt, it has been designed from the ground up with the great outdoors being the main focus point. It’s both waterproof and shockproof as you would expect from such a device. It also features an advanced GPS system that allows it to be as close to a satnav as possible as well as an AR system that provides an information overlay when you hold the camera up against your scenery.

The design of the phone takes inspiration from the Land Rover Discovery, taking hallmarks such as the bumper and grills amongst other things, while the camera represents the headlamp. Despite how strange this all sounds, it does actually look like a pretty decent phone.

The Land Rover Explore due to be released in April and will cost £599. It’s aimed at people who really enjoy the great outdoors but, hate the usual smartphone experience that you get from a normal phone. Part of which is the battery dying halfway through the day. Bullit claims the Explore will last 2 days on a full charge, but there’s also an attachment that makes it last 4 days. So all in all this sounds like its going to be a good phone for anyone who loves the outdoors, but hates that typical smartphone feel.

Last update on 2023-11-30 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API