Motorola Moto C Is Now Official

It feels like only an hour ago I was typing an article about the Moto leak that occurred last night and included the Motorola Moto C. Well, now all of a sudden I have learned that the C is now official. The C comes in three variants and the line is the lowest tier in the Moto range. There’s a 3G version, a 4G version and the C Plus.

As of this moment, Motorola hasn’t shared any detailed specifications about the three phones, but if the leaks which so far have proven to be true are anything to go by the phones will have the following specifications.

Moto C Specifications:

Moto C Plus Specifications:


Price wise, Motorola says the 3G version will start at €89, while the 4G version will start at €99 while the C Plus will start at €119. The phones will be available “in various countries across Latin America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.”

Source: Motorola