Magikarp Jump Available Now

As you might have guessed from the title, Magikarp Jump is a game that is based around, well jumping Magikarps. Yes, that’s right a game based on that useless water type Pokémon, that we all secretly adore.

Much like Magikarp itself, Magikarp Jump is rather plain and simple. The idea of the game is similar to other Pokémon games, in that you train your Pokémon, only you don’t train it to fight, oh no no no…. you instead train it to jump before sending it off to a most exciting battle in which all you have to do is jump higher than the opponent’s Magikarp. Sounds boring right? But it’s actually somewhat fun, particularly as you go through the game teaching your Magikarp jumping skills and feeding it to make it bigger and stronger.

Magikarp Jump is free to download and play but does contain in-app purchases, although is quite easy to play without spending a dime. it’s almost as If Nintendo and the Pokémon company don’t want to make too much money off the back of their most useless Pokémon ever.

Magikarp Jump is available for Android users here and Apple users here.