Amazon Fire 7 And HD 8 Launched: Pre Order Now!

When it comes to affordable the Amazon Fire range is unbeatable. For as little as £50 you could get a Fire 7 tablet, that was and still is fantastic. Well, today Amazon has announced four new tablets to the Fire line. They are the new Fire 7, new Fire 7 kids, new Fire HD 8 and the new Fire HD Kids. While the previous Fire 7 did have a kids variant, this is the first time the Fire HD 8 has one.

Amazon Fire 7 and Fire HD 8

Amazon Fire 7 And HD 8 Launched

The new Amazon Fire 7 boasts a few upgrades over its predecessor, such as a brighter screen, thinner profile, lighter weight and Alexa. It will be available from the 7th June 2017 starting at £49.99 for the 8GB version and £59.99 for the 16GB version. For only £10 more I would definitely recommend going for the 16GB version. It’s available in four colors, which are Marine Blue, Punch Red, Black and Canary Yellow. It’s available to pre-order below.

The Fire HD 8 is the more advanced Fire tablet, with a 12-hour battery life, storage starting from 16GB and a 1280×800 display. It is available in the same colors as the Fire 7 and will be released on the same day. Like the Fire 7, it is now available to pre-order from the links below.

Amazon Fire 7 and Fire HD 8 Kids

Amazon Fire 7 And HD 8 Launched

The kid’s version of these tablets are the same in terms of specifications with the exception that the Fire 7 has a default storage of 16GB, while the Fire HD 8 has 32GB. The major difference comes from the exteriors of each tablet, which have been beefed up with a big thick rubber bumper to protect them from the inevitable toddler/preschooler tablet drop. They also come with a 2-year no questions asked guarantee should you or your little one manage to somehow break yours.

The prices are a little bit more, but not too much more. I won’t bother writing them here, as you will see them in the links below. For what you get though and the guarantee the price hike is worth it. Again the release date is the 7th June 2017 and the tablets are now available to pre-order from the links below.