KooPower LED Bike Light Set Review

Bike lights are a must-have for any serious cyclist, especially when it comes to night time riding. One problem though is that sometimes lights can be big and bulky, which can put some people off, luckily the KooPower LED bike light set is not, instead the lights are small and are what we refer to as ‘Frog lights‘, a name given to them based on their frog-like design.

One of the benefits of the KooPower LED bike light set design, is that installation is quick and easy as there are no tools required, all you need is your hands to wrap the light around the post, fork or handlebar. Once in place, the light simply sit snuggly and firm with no movements at all.

KooPower LED Bike Light Set Review


Each light is colored to represent its position, so the front one is in a white case, to represent the facts it’s a white-colored front light, while the rear one is a red shell, which shows that it’s a red-colored rear light.

Both lights are simple to operate and they both work exactly the same. One push of the button on top turns the light on with a fast flashing mode, a second push slows the flashing down, while a third push stops the flashing completely and sets the light to a static mode and finally a fourth push simply turns the light off. I have to say I do feel the order is a bit messed up, with most lights the first mode is the static mode, not flashing mode and since I used static mode more often than not, it means I have to cycle through the modes on each light before I set off.

KooPower LED Bike Light Set Review

The lights are quite bright and would work well on their own. I have them setup as secondary lights with the front one around the front fork and the rear one down the left tube on the rear end of the bike and therefore use them in tandem with my bigger lights. None the less they work really well and do add to the overall safety feeling when being used.

KooPower LED Bike Light Set Review

Overall the KooPower LED bike light set is a worthy little investment for any serious cyclist. They are easy to install and work well, especially as secondary lights. Given they cost under £8.00 (at the time of this review) I don’t think you could go wrong with these.


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to operate
  • Low price
  • Full set


  • Mode order is backward

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