Staresso Manual Coffee Maker Review

Today I am reviewing the Staresso Manual Coffee Maker. This coffee maker allows you to brew coffee and cappuccino without the need for a power source, although you will need a hot kettle if you plan on making a hot drink.


This coffee maker consists of seven main parts, which all become fully visible when the unit itself is fully dismantled. When fully put together you end up with two main parts, which are the top pump section and the bottom liquid holding section. When fully assembled the unit is also rather large and also slightly heavy, so while it’s noted as a ‘travel’ product it’s best off in a suitcase or backpack if you plan on using it on your travels.

Since the unit can be freely dismantled into seven main parts, washing it after each use is rather easy. I just wash each part in warm soapy water and leave it all to dry properly before reassembling the unit. Re-assembling the unit is rather easy as each part simply fits together like a jigsaw.

Staresso Manual Coffee Maker Review

The pressure pump which is located at the top of the unit can be locked when not in use to ensure it’s not accidentally pressed. Locking it is rather easy as is unlocking it. Simply push down and twist it to unlock it and then push it down and twist again to lock it.

In use:

A great thing about this coffee maker is that it can be used to make both hot and cold coffee beverages. I’m not actually a fan of cold coffee so I haven’t used this for that but I have made hot coffee with it and overall I found the process to be rather easy. Before I move onto how to use it, I will point out that one of the seven parts isn’t needed if making normal coffee, but is needed for cappuccino making. So before making a drink simply decide what type you are having and then add or remove the part as needed. The instructions show this part and how to use it properly.

Staresso Manual Coffee Maker Review

The coffee produced by following the steps was great although I must admit the small amount produced, enough to fill a small cup was a bit disappointing for me but after all these drinks are usually small, I would just prefer a bit more liquid with a bigger chamber at the bottom of the product.


A great product that’s simple to use and easy to clean. It can be used for both hot and cold coffee drinks and can be used for coffee and cappuccino.

DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.