Ramaka Solutions Large Insulated Lunch Bag Review: A Fantastic Insulated Bag


Welcome to my Ramaka Solutions Large Insulated Lunch Bag review. In this review, I am looking at this large insulated lunch bag by Ramaka Solutions. It’s available in a large size and an extra-large size. The one I am reviewing is the large size.

Design and quality:

When unfolded from it packaged flat state this bag is shaped like a square. It has four pockets altogether. Two are mesh pockets with one at each side, these are great for storing drinks bottles. One is a medium-sized pocket on the front of the bag, which is perfect for utensils or snacks. The last pocket is the main one that is accessed by unzipping the lid area of the bag. Once opened the large insulated main food pocket is exposed. On the inside of the lid is a zip up mesh pocket which just like the front pocket is perfect for snacks and utensils.

The material used on the outside of the bag is a high-quality nylon which is stain and water-resistant. It’s also really easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. The insulation inside is made of an FDA approved Ethylene Vinyl Acetate that emits no noxious fumes at all.

Ramaka Solutions Large Insulated Lunch Bag

Also included with the bag is an adjustable shoulder strap that allows you to carry the bag on your shoulder. This can be easily removed or replaced at any time. There’s also a small carry handle on the lid.

The build quality is great. The bag feels very strong and there’s no loose stitches or areas of any concern at all. The mesh nettings hold well, even with bottles of liquid inside them. I have no complaints at all with this bag in regards to quality.

Ramaka Solutions Large Insulated Lunch Bag

In use:

The bag holds quite a bit of stuff, in fact, I have placed drinks, yogurt sandwiches and much more in it. The bag does a wonderful job of keeping the food the right temperature as well. Since the bag has a shoulder strap it’s also very easy to carry about. Which makes it great for picnics in the park.

The bag is the perfect size to put in the back of a car for a long drive or going off for a picnic somewhere as well. Me and my partner used it for a long drive a few days ago and it was brilliant at keeping the food cool even in a hot car.

Ramaka Solutions Large Insulated Lunch Bag


This is a fantastic lunch bag that does a great job of keeping food at the right temperature. It’s well made and has plenty of room for food, drinks and snacks.


I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.