Oria 2 In 1 Food Chopper Review: A Knife And Chopping Board In One


Welcome to my Oria 2 In 1 Food Chopper review. While preparing food can be fun for some, it can be tedious for others, especially when it comes to chopping food up. That’s where this handy product comes in. It takes away the need for a separate chopping board and knife and instead combines the two the create something that looks slightly similar to scissors.


Like I said at the end of the introduction, this looks very similar to a pair of scissors, except of course it isn’t a pair of scissors. Instead of two blades, there is one blade, this blade is in line with a small chopping board instead of another blade. The small chopping board is made from the same plastic used for traditional cutting boards and is therefore quite strong.

The cutter has a safety lock on the end of the handle which prevents the cutter from opening, this means that if little hands get hold of this, there won’t be much trouble. Talking of the handle, the one on here is quite thick and has a lovely rubber coating for grip and comfort.

Oria 2 In 1 Food Chopper

Also included is a small plastic wall holder, that allows you to place these on a wall for quick and easy access as well to save valuable room in your drawers. This is mounted to the wall using the sticky pad on the back of it.

In use:

Compared to a traditional knife this isn’t that fast when it comes to cutting through loads of vegetables within five minutes, but it is much easier to use, particularly for someone like me who isn’t very skilled when it comes to chopping food.

I have used this so far to cut bananas, carrots, and cucumber and I’m quite impressed as the cutter chopped them down with no issues at all. It simply cut through them leaving a clean cut each time. There are some things you shouldn’t use this cutter for such as corn on the cob and bones.


I am very impressed with this 2 in 1 cutter from Oria. It’s such a clever product that takes cutting food and makes it just that much easier for people with no cutting skills at all.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.