Morphy Richards Mico Toastie Review

The Morphy Richards Mico Toastie is a kitchen gadget that takes the often messy task of making a delicious toastie and makes it slightly easier. Unlike a conventional electronic toastie machine, this relies on heat generated from a microwave. It makes use of this heat using what Morphy Richards refers to as ‘Heatwave technology’ that fully harnesses the power offered by your microwave and rapidly absorbing that heat into the metal plates. With prices between £30 and £40 this is a pricey little gadget, but the quality and uniqueness really do show for this price.

The system consists of a single toastie plate set, meaning you can only make one toastie at a time, which is obviously not as good as making two at once, that said however, this gadget is much easier to carry to work than a toastie machine, so if you fancy a toastie at lunchtime while working, this could be slipped in your bag and easily carried around, you’ll just have to have one at a time if you fancy two or more.

Morphy Richards Mico Toastie Review

Making a toastie with the Morphy Richards Mico Toastie is as simple as it has ever been. In just a few simple steps you can be on your way to waiting for the microwave to ping. The first thing to do is ensure your toastie gadget is assembled, which in self is quite easy as the gadget made up of the six following parts, which form two pain enclosures that clip together.

  • Two silicone shells
  • Two grill plates
  • Two outer casings

Once that’s done it’s time to prepare your toastie by:

  1. Buttering the outside of the bottom piece of bread. (Buttering prevents the finished toastie from sticking.)
  2. Adding your ingredients to the top of the bottom slice of bread, with at least 1cm of space from each side.
  3. Buttering the outside of the top slice of bread and placing the bread on top of the ingredients.
  4. Lowering the top section of the Morphy Richards Mico Toastie down onto the soon to be toastie and clipping securely to the bottom section.
  5. Place the Mico Toastie in your microwave and set it to any time for up to 5 minutes, ensuring you flip it halfway through (Recommended microwaves times are below)
  6. Once the microwave has pinged, you can remove the gadget and unclip both sides to serve your toastie. Ensure you wear oven gloves to do this as the Mico Toastie can get quite hot.

In the included instructions, Morphy Richards outlines the best duration for cooking for different categories of microwave. Check out the image below to see their recommendations. (Click to enlarge.)

Morphy Richards Mico Toastie Review

I have to say that I am rather impressed with the results the Morphy Richards Mico Toastie provides. I am a fan of toasties and even have a regular electronic toastie machine that makes good enough toasties, but the Mico Toastie makes them so much better, even if I can only do one at a time. The end result is well browned and crisply toastie when microwaved for 5 minutes while microwaving between 3 to 4 minutes gives the toastie a softer feel with just the right amount of crispiness for my taste. If you plan on making multiple toasties, you should adjust the time by at least minus 15 seconds to get consistent results as the Mico Toastie holds the heat so well, you can easily forget and end up overdoing it, leading to a very crispy toastie.

That said my toastie machine is a store own brand so doesn’t exactly offer all the bells and whistles of a branded more expensive version. With that in mind, I still think this little gadget can make just as good of a toastie as a branded electronic machine.

One of the biggest issues I have with my electronic machine is cleaning it after each use. Cheese gets stuck to it and bean juices often cover it and unfortunately since it’s an electronic machine it can’t be dipped in a sink and cleaned too easily, instead a cloth is required. Thankfully the Morphy Richards Mico Toastie can be cleaned using two methods, the good old wash it in the sink method or the more modern fling it in the dishwasher method. I don’t have a dishwasher, so I simply clean mine in the sink by dismantling it and cleaning each of the six parts individually, which takes no more than a couple of minutes. The plates are none stick so are very easy to clean in the sink with a cloth. Sometimes you may need to wipe your microwave out after using this, especially if you use a bit too much cheese and let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy over-indulging on melted cheese?

Morphy Richards Mico Toastie Review

It’s hard not to be impressed by the Morphy Richards Mico Toastie. It’s a simple yet clever gadget that delivers mouthwateringly good toasties in only a few minutes. Its take-apart design makes cleaning it incredibly easy and quick.

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  • Easy to clean
  • Portable
  • Great results


  • Limited to one toastie at a time

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