Melitta Cremio Review

The Melitta Cremio is a milk frothing jug designed to make frothing milk a quick and easy task. So if you like your coffee frothed but hate the tedious task of manually making the froth yourself, this jug is here to give you a hand.

Design-wise the Melitta Cremio is similar in appearance to a kettle, minus the spout area. The overall appearance resembles a jug, a very impressive looking jug I might add. A brand name like Melitta conjures up an image of beauty and class, which passes on nicely to the Cremio.

Melitta Cremio Review

Color wise you have three options to choose from There’s a black version, a white version and a stainless steel silver version. I have the black version which sits nicely on my kitchen worktop and looks quite impressive. The black and the white versions feature a plastic exterior, while the stainless steel version features a stainless steel exterior.

There’s not an awful lot going on around the exterior of the Cremio. There’s a set of two buttons next to each other, which are basically for selecting between heating milk and frothing milk hot or cold. Each button features a blue backlight, which lights up if that button’s mode is the one selected. There’s also a large handle on the right-hand side with enough space to safely grip the Cremio.

Melitta Cremio Review

The lid is made of a transparent clear see-through plastic, which allows you to keep a check on the process of your frothing without having to lift the lid. Attached to the lid is the whisk head, which is used in the frothing process.

Inside the Cremio is a none stick coated metal containment area for the milk. This area can hold from 100 to 150ml of milk to be frothed or from 100 to 250ml of milk to be heated up. There are markings inside the container to indicate the correct measurements without going over or under. The none stick coating makes cleaning the Cremio’s inside container a quick an easy task. I have been cleaning mine using a wet cloth and tiny bit of washing up liquid as recommended by Melitta themselves.

Melitta Cremio Review

Similar to a kettle, the Melitta Cremio has a base station power cord that it simply lifts up from when required. This means you have the same amount of freedom to move around untethered with the Cremio as you do a normal kettle.

As well as frothing milk, the Melitta Cremio can also heat milk up. This is great if you enjoy warm milk or hot cocoa. It does this using its integrated heater, which has been carefully designed to heat up milk in an even fashion which prevents the milk from burning and sticking to the inside.

Using the Melitta Cremio is quite simple, although it’s worth reading the instructions first as there are only two buttons, but three options which are heat milk with froth, cold frothy milk and just warm milk with no froth. As you can see from the instructions I have prepared below it’s not too hard at all.

  • Warm frothy milk: Press the left button for less than 2 seconds. It will then light up red and the process will begin.
  • Cold frothy milk: Press and hold the left button for more than 2 seconds. It will light up blue and the process will begin.
  • Warm milk with no froth: Press the right button. It will light up red and the process will begin.

The end results of frothing both warm and cold milk have been great each and every time I have used the Cremio since it arrived. The froth comes outs with a good consistency and is lovely and smooth. Its main purpose has been for creating frothy milk for homemade cappuccinos, although a few times it has been used just to make frothy milk to be consumed on its own. It has also been used once or twice to create warm milk, which comes out just right, meaning it’s not too hot and not too cold, making it perfect for a lovely mug of hot cocoa.

Melitta Cremio Review

To achieve great milk frothing results you do need to ensure you follow a few simple tips, of which Melitta has kindly provided. Check them out here.

The Melitta Cremio is a fantastic kitchen gadget. It makes the processes of frothing and heating milk up so much simpler and a lot less messy. It’s well designed, looks great, is incredibly easy to use and very easy to clean.

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