Bukm 15.7 Inch Bottle Cleaning Brush Review: A Great Brush For Hard To Clean Bottles


Welcome to my Bukm 15.7 inch Bottle cleaning brush review. We have all been there at some point in our lives and there is cleaning re-useable bottles. It can be a really hard task, but now it’s easier thanks to brushes like this one.


This brush feels really well made. it has a plastic handle that is attached to a flexible set of two metal bars that go all the way to the bottom of the brush. The bristles are essentially wrapped around these bars. The bar also bends at the bottom to set the bristles at an angle so you can easily clean the bottom of a bottle.

The brush is slightly wide so it won’t fit in a standard plastic bottle, but it will fit in wide top bottles such as thermos flasks and sports bottles. I have used it for several sports bottles and not had any issues at all in terms of fit.

Bukm 15.7 Inch Bottle

In use:

I have used this for several sports bottles now and must say I am quite impressed with the brush. It fits really well and really makes it so much easier to clean the bottles on the inside. Now there’s not really much more I can put here about this brush as well it’s a brush and there’s not a lot to talk about.


This is a decent bottle brush. It feels well made and is very good at its job. I personally would recommend this to anyone who uses a sports bottle.


I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.