Vehemo Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner Review

Today I am reviewing the Vehemo Portable Car vacuum Cleaner.


There’s not too much to the design of this portable vacuum. It’s a standard handheld shape you would typically see on devices of this nature. The main unit itself is in three main parts. A handle area that houses the motor and electrical components. The next part is the removable filter and the last part is the dust collection chamber. These three parts all clip together to create the full vacuum.

Now as well as the main vacuum you also get four attachments. There are a vacuum hose, a narrow end attachment for getting into corners or down the back of seats, a hard brush attachment and lastly a static brush. These attachments simply slot into the inlet hole on the front of the of the dust chamber.

Vehemo Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner Review

The included power cord is built into the vacuum and offers 6 m of cable that means you can easily work on  your entire car with no issues at all. It really is fantastic to have a cable this long as it means you can reach all areas of the car with ease.

The vacuum is powered on and off using a button placed at the top of the handle, this and the detachment button are the only two buttons on this vacuum.

The compact size of this vacuum makes storing it in the boot of your car a really easy job as it doesn’t take up a lot of space at all.

Vehemo Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner Review

In use:

For a vacuum with a 100w motor I wasn’t expecting too much in terms of power but I must admit I am slightly surprised by just how well this does suck dirt up. It’s able to suck up standard dirt such as dust, dry mud and food crumbs with ease. I also like the fact that it actually isn’t that loud when in use. The attachments are all fantastic as well, they are fairly similar to the sort of attachments you get with a normal plug-in upright vacuum cleaner. The vacuum can be used with or without any of them attached.

Vehemo Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner Review


I am very happy with this vacuum cleaner and in all honesty I can’t find anything I don’t like about it at all. It’s got great suction and comes with four handy attachments to ensure you can get the best from it while cleaning your car.

DISCLAIMER: I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.