Trinova Windshield Water Repellent Review

Listed below are bestselling Windshield Water Repellent which satisfy both affordability and quality.

Chemical Guys CLD30116 HydroView Ceramic Glass Cleaner, Water Repellent & Protective Coating (Works on Glass, Windows, Mirrors, Navigation Screens & More; Car, Truck, SUV and Home Use), 16 fl oz
  • TWO-IN-ONE GLASS CLEANER - HydroView is the ultimate hydrophobic two-in-one glass cleaner and ceramic coating protectant in one step that provides the highest level of optical clarity while delivering a smooth and contamination-free surface..Fit Type: Universal Fit
  • ALL WEATHER PROTECTION -  HydroView creates a smooth and slick surface that helps rain, debris and contamination rapidly slide off of the glass surface and doesn’t block or obscure your vision in any weather condition.
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR TECHNOLOGY - By utilizing specialty glass cleaners, HydroView empowers anyone to clean and ceramic coat their glass in just one step! Simply spray, wipe, and buff off for instant ceramic protection all over your glass.
  • FAST & EASY - With HydroView, applying a ceramic coating to your glass couldn’t be easier! If you know how to clean windows, then you know how to apply a ceramic coating!
  • USE IT EVERYWHERE - From windshields and auto glass to shower glass, office windows, home and much more, HydroView makes it extremely easy to clean and ceramic coat in just one step.
Invisible Glass 92184 22-Ounce Premium Glass Cleaner with Rain Repellent for Exterior Automotive Glass and Windshields to Shield Against Rain, Snow, and Sleet
  • RAIN, SLEET, SNOW: The elements are no match for the tough, dependable performance of the Invisible Glass Clean & Repel rain shield spray glass cleaner. It repels rain, sleet, and frost with ease while providing a streak-free shine.
  • IMPROVE RESPONSE TIME: Driver reaction time improves by 25% in wet weather when Invisible Glass rain repellent and glass cleaner combines for an impressive shine and increased visibility.
  • EASY DEBRIS REMOVAL: Cleans and repels in one easy step. Get rid of bug splatters and tough road grime while preventing rain, ice, and frost build up. Watch as the water just beads off your windshield and glass!
  • MADE IN USA: Invisible Glass’s unique formula helps repel rain, sleet, and snow and is proudly made in the USA, so you can trust its superior quality and powerful formula that works, guaranteed!
  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Love it or it’s free, guaranteed! Enjoy greater visibility while repelling the elements on a wet and rainy day. We stand behind our product and are confident you’ll love it!
CERAKOTE Rapid Ceramic Glass Coat Windshield Kit (8oz Bottle)– Max Strength Rain Repelling Coating – Easy to Apply – Includes Glass Cleaner – Long Lasting Ceramic Formula – Maximum Water Shedding
  • MAXIMUM WATER SHEDDING – Enhances visibility when you need it most. Your windshield will be crystal clear and ready to repel and shed water, even in the heaviest rainstorms. Passing a semi-truck in the pouring rain doesn’t need to be a white knuckle experience.
  • MULTI SEASON GUARANTEE - We’re so confident in our ceramic technology, we GUARANTEE our Rapid Ceramic Glass Coating will last through multiple seasons! Not one or maybe two car washes, SEASONS, or your money back, no questions asked. Why apply something every other week or so when you don’t need to?
  • COMPLETE PROFESSIONAL KIT – Cerakote always means professional grade products. This Kit includes two Glass Cleaning Wipes, our Rapid Ceramic Glass Coating and a high-quality microfiber towel. Everything you need for crystal clear, long lasting, rain repelling, water-shedding results!
  • QUICK AND EASY TO APPLY - Just clean the glass using one cleaning wipe per half of the windshield, rinse, dry and you’re ready to apply the ceramic coating. Spray a light coat of the Rapid Ceramic directly to the glass. Using the included microfiber towel, wipe the coating evenly across the surface to ensure full coverage. Then use the clean side of the microfiber towel to buff the coating to a crystal clear finish! That’s it, you’re done!
  • TRUE CERAMIC TECHNOLOGY – We are the innovators and leaders of true ceramic based coating technologies. Cerakote Rapid Ceramic Glass Coat is a professional coating that chemically bonds to the glass, providing maximum water shedding, not some “rebottled fake ceramic”. Not only does it shed water like crazy, Glass Coat makes bug guts, bird droppings and other nasties easy to wipe off and remove!
Rain-X 630168 Glass Water-Repellent Aerosol 12 oz.
  • Easier and faster to apply Rain-X water-beading magic: Simply spray on and wipe off.
  • Instant activation. No hazing and buffing required!
  • Works even on wet windshields
  • Dramatically improves wet weather driving visibility
  • Repels rain and reduces the adhesion of sleet and snow
Rain-X 630178 Cerami-X Glass Cleaner + Water Repellent, 16oz - Cleaning Effectively While Remaining Streak Free, Protecting Against Contaminants and Stains
  • Rain-X Pro Cerami-X Glass Cleaner + Water Repellent is easy to use, just spray on and wipe off.
  • Cerami-X Glass Cleaner + Water Repellent provides a streak-free clean every time.
  • Rain-X Pro top-of-the-line hydrophobicity and proprietary HydrophobiX Technology provides unrivalled water beading and optimal driving visibility.
  • Rain-X Pro Cerami-X Glass Cleaner + Water Repellent protects against environmental elements and chemical contaminants, maintaining your windshields’ clarity for longer.
  • Cerami-X Glass Cleaner + Water Repellent provides ample visibility and extreme durability: up to 6 weeks of long-lasting water repellency. One application goes a long way.
STAR BRITE Rain View Water Repellent for Glass Windshields - 8 OZ (088708)
  • Improves wet weather visibility through windshield and windows
  • For use on glass
  • Works with or without windshield wipers
  • Makes surface so slick that rain and wet weather deposits literally slide off
Debaishi 10 Pack Applicator Windshield Glass Treatment Water Rain Repellent Repels Cleaning with Applicator (10)
  • Rain repellent glass treatment.
  • Glass is not easy to adhere to oil, bird excrement, insects, ice and snow Wait for dirt, easy to clean.
  • Improves vision in the rain,Let you see clearly and drive safer.
  • One applicator treats an average windshield,the operation is simple.
  • Under normal use, the efficacy can be up to six months each time.
Rain-X 5079281-2 Latitude 2-In-1 Water Repellent Wiper Blades, 26 Inch Windshield Wipers (Pack Of 1), Automotive Replacement Windshield Wiper Blades With Patented Rain-X Water Repellency Formula
  • Patented Water Repellent Formula - This 2-In-1 Wiper Blade Plus Rain Repellent Applies Patented Rain X Water Repellent Directly To Your Windshield, Both Clearing And Repelling The Elements
  • Superior Driving Visibility And Safety - Watch Water Magically Bead Up And Roll Off Your Windshield While You Drive, Providing You With Superior All-Weather Driving Visibility, Safety, And Comfort
  • Easy Installation And Universal Fit - The Rain-X Universal Adapter Is Easy To Use And Fits 96% Of Vehicles. Scan The QR Code On The Back Of The Package For Installation Videos
  • Advanced Beam Wiper Blade Technology - Provides Uniform Pressure Points Along The Length Of The Blade, Allowing It To Hug The Curvature Of The Windshield For A Smooth, Clean Wipe
  • Ultimate All-Weather Performance - Designed To Clear Your Windshield In Extreme Weather Conditions, Such As Ice, Snow, And Sleet Delivering Longer-Lasting, Superior Wipe Performance


Welcome to my Trinova Windshield Water Repellent review. Cleaning windshields and other car windows can be a bit of time-consuming task, particularly when it comes to dried water spots. The product aims to prevent these spots from forming in the first place.

Ease of application:

The product itself isn’t too hard to apply. There are four steps in the application process which are listed on the back of the bottle. The first step is simply removing all residue, dirt and if you had one before, the previous repellent from the window. The next step is to apply the liquid to the car’s windows in a circular motion, ensuring you cover every bit of the exterior glass. The third step is allowing the liquid to dry for 1 to 2 minutes for each window done. The final step is wiping the windows over with a clean, dry cloth. The process took me no longer than five minutes.

Trinova Windshield Water Repellent

In use:

The repellant does a wonderful job of beading the drops of rain and essentially making them roll off the windows, but unfortunately, as other reviewers have pointed out, that when using the car wipers in rain, smears appear on the film that end up making visibility even worse. This means what while getting rid of the rain issue causing the visibility issue, you end up replacing it with a similar issue that basically renders it useless for windshields and boot windows. It’s not too bad on the side windows, though, so if you are to use this, I would say don’t use it on your car’s windshield.


While the product is great at beading the rainwater and making it roll off the windows, it just replaces that fixed issue with another broken one, which is by far worse. The repellant is ok for side windows, though, but to be honest, since it’s called windshield repellant, I wouldn’t recommend it.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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