Suaoki Mini Portable 12V Air Compressor Review


The Suaoki mini portable 12v air compressor is the perfect size to store in your car boot or carry around in your bag. Its portability is its true selling point and is what makes this difference from most others on the market.

Design and build quality:

The compressor has a small form factor that gives it a similar size to a small disc drive, although it is much thicker. Despite this small size it still manages to have features such as a light for working in the dark and a tyre pressure gauge.

Running from the bottom of the compressor to the left-hand side of it is a trench like groove that is used to store the air tube in when the compressor isn’t in use. Placing the tube in this groove is quite easy and there are clips to keep it securely in. Removing the tube is simply a case of pulling it up out of the groove.

Suaoki Mini Portable 12V

Around the back is a small-sized cutout that houses the cable, well a bit of it, the cable, unfortunately, doesn’t fit fully in there for storage, which is a bit of a shame, but nothing major. One other thing that I do think could have been done better is the air tube length. It’s not very long so the compressor can’t be placed directly on the ground, instead, you have to hold it in your hand as it works.

The device feels very sturdy and the plastic shell is quite thick and strong. A rattle of the compressor reveals no loose sounding parts or other quality issues to cause any concern. This really is a solid product.

Included is a neat Suaoki branded case that is used to store the compressor in when not in use. This makes the already easy task of storing the compressor in your car boot or glove compartment even easier.

Suaoki Mini Portable 12V

In use:

Using this is pretty simple, simply plug the power cord into the cigarette lighter port and turn the ignition of your car on. The light will turn on, unfortunately, there’s no way to turn this off, while the device on. Now simply screw the connector onto the valve and press the button to begin the inflation process. I love the fact that you don’t have to twist the tube to tighten the connector onto the valve, instead, there’s a small plastic nut that you turn on the connection end of the tube.

Inflating tyres from empty to full with this takes roughly about 7 minutes as I have found, but just adding a bit of air here and there when needed is quite quick. That said 7 minutes isn’t bad for a completely flat tyre.

The pressure gauge is accurate and I tested this by using it against a branded gauge. The results were basically the same give or take, but nothing too major.

Suaoki Mini Portable 12V


I have found this to be a great portable compressor. It’s well made, is very easy to use and comes with a great carry case. I would prefer it if it were possible to turn the light off while the compressor is in use and I do think a longer air tube would have been a better choice.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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