Suaoki 12V Portable Pressure Sprayer Washer Review: Perfect For The Boot Of A Car

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Welcome to my Suaoki 12V Portable Pressure Sprayer Washer review. Normal pressure washers are often large and require an external hose connection to provide them with water. This one, however, is tiny and has its own water tank which you fill yourself.


While most pressure washers are quite large and very awkward to store, this one is quite small, which makes storing it incredibly easy. You could store this in your car boot and forget that it’s even there since it’s so small. Although it’s small it does have a bit of weight behind it but not too much. It’s mostly just weight from the built-in motor.

To carry on the portability theme the device has a removable bucket that is capable of holding 15 liters of water. This bucket isn’t made out of tough plastic, it’s made from a thin waterproof plastic with a nylon coating on the outside. This plastic allows the bucket to be folded down when not in use. The bucket has its own metal handle with the middle section covered by a rubber tube for comfort and grip when lifting or carrying the bucket. Inside the bucket at the very bottom is a plug hole that opens when the bucket is placed on the G2 unit, this plug is where the unit collects the water from when in use.

Suaoki 12V Portable Pressure Sprayer Washer Review

Sitting the bucket on top of the main G2 unit is really easy. The unit has a plastic handle that can be folded down to each side to create a ring for the bucket to sit on. There are also two support beams that fold into the unit when not in use. These should be folded and sued each time you are using the unit. With all of this sorted, you simply place the bucket on the ring, while ensuring the plug area of the bucket meets the water inlet of the main unit.

The main unit itself is colored orange and grey, this is the color scheme Suaoki use on a lot of their outdoor products and I must say it does give the product a professional look. There is a power switch and a plug inlet on one side of the unit and a hose outlet on the other side. A hose pipe does come included. It’s made of a thick black rubber and is 6 meters long, which is enough for movement around a normal sized car. Also included is a hand spray gun with three different attachments. There’s a normal water attachment which allows the water to flow out in a jet style, a brush attachment which can be used for things like cleaning pets and a shower attachment which means you could use this as a portable shower if you want. Each of the attachments simply screws onto the front of the spray gun and comes off the same way, with the exception of the brush attachment which simply pushes onto the jet attachment. Since there’s no water heater inside you do have to fill the bucket up with the temperature of water you want.

The only thing that disappoints me about the design of this washer is that it only comes with a car cigarette lighter plug, this means you are tied to your car when you want to use this, so if you want to clean the dog you need to do it in your drive or at the side of a road, instead of your gated off back garden. In all honesty, I do think a three pin plug should be included too.

There are also two circular shaped zip up bags included. One holds the fold down bucket and the other holds the  hose, the plug and the attachments. There’s, unfortunately, no case for the main unit, which is a bit of a shame as it would be a nice way to store the unit in the back of a car.

Suaoki 12V Portable Pressure Sprayer Washer Review

In use:

Once the hose is connected the bucket is full and on top of the unit, the next thing I have to do is plug it into the car cigarette lighter port and turn the ignition key. Then I switch the switch on the unit to the one position and the water begins to flow. Then it’s just a case of pushing the trigger on the spray gun to release the water. Twisting the attachment on the end changes the flow of water coming out, so you can have a fast strong flow or a slow weak flow if need be.

It really is just that simple to use. I didn’t even have to look in the included manual to figure it out. Simplicity seems to be written all over this product.


This is a stunning device that’s perfect for anyone who does a lot of traveling or just doesn’t want a full-size pressure washer taking up room in their home. It’s easy to use and is very easy to store.