Rock Ditor 2.4A USB Car Charger Kit Review: A Boring Device That Does A Good Job


A USB Car Charger Kit like this one has become some what of a necessity for people who do a lot of traveling, as they allow users to charge phones or tablets as they drive. This is perfect if you have a long day out and your phone becomes almost flat before the drive home or if you just forgot to charge it the night before.

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Design and quality:

When it comes to design, there really isn’t much to this charger. It’s rather plain and lacks any real design differences to many other, some of which I own. Basically, it’s a small device shaped like a typical car cigarette lighter plug. It has two 2.4A USB ports and a LED light on the top.

It feels quite light in the hand which admittedly is a rather nice feeling as it makes it an easy object to carry in a pocket or a bag, but for me, it does just stay in the car as that’s the only place I’m ever going to use it.

Also included is a flat style Rock branded MicroUSB cable to get you started off. Since this can be used to charge two phones, an extra one would have been a bit better, but still, they are easy to get hold of.

The quality isn’t bad at all, despite its boring generic look, it does feel and look extremely well made. A shake of the device reveals nothing of concern. All user parts such as the USB ports are well lined up and very sturdy.

In use:

Since I have tested this with a Moto G 2015 model, I haven’t been getting the full 2.4A output. This, of course, isn’t a fault with the product, it’s the limit on charge current set by Motorola on the Moto G. So bare in mind your phone may or may not support 2.4A but either way it will charge.

Now the Moto G doesn’t have the world’s fastest charging time so don’t expect much from what I’m about to say. Charging my phone with this from flat to full took over 3 and half hours during a long trip down the country. This isn’t a bad point as it shows the charger is charging the phone at the standard rate. Of course, if I had my S7 that day or my HTC One M9, I believe the results would have been much better.


This has a rather generic and boring design, but thankfully it’s got a solid build quality and works as it should. It’s not a lot of money and is a great companion to have on long drives.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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