Audew Portable Air Compressor Review

The Audew Portable Air Compressor is a 12V dual cylinder compressor available to buy on Amazon from as little as £39.99 (at the time of this review). It can be used to inflate vehicle tires and other things such as balls and large inflatables.

Design wise, the Audew Portable Air Compressor looks like something you’d associate with vehicles. By this I mean it has an industrial design, similar to what you’d see a trained mobile mechanic using. The materials used consist of a mixture of a mixture of metal and plastic. The cylinder area is metal but the majority of the rest of the compressor is plastic, some areas actually use plastic to imitate the look of real metal. This plastic majority does, of course, mean that the compressor isn’t quite as durable as a real industrial compressor.

Audew Digital Tire

At first, it appears the built-in hose is too short to be of any use, thankfully though, the manufacturer has seen sense and included an extension hose in the box. The extension hose is made from a tough feeling plastic coiled piping, while the built-in hose is made from a thick rubber coated piping.

Located at the top of the compressor is a large, easy to read gauge, which displays the tire pressure in BAR and PSI. Just next to this is a small foldable handle which can be used to pick the compressor up.

Around the front is a large built-in LED torch, which is complete with its own independent power switch, meaning you don’t have to only have it on when using the compressor as an inflator.

Running from the side is a rather generously sized 3m 12V cable. this length means there’s plenty of moving distance between the compressor and the car. A standard car cigarette plug to battery crocodile clip set is also included, so you have the option of connecting the compressor directly to a battery. A power switch is located just above the power cable.

Audew Digital Tire

In use, the compressor works really well. Inflation speeds are normal and using the device is pretty straightforward. The light is bright enough to make inflating something in the dark that much easier. My one complaint though is that it is quite noisy in comparison to other compressors I have used.

For the price, the Audew Portable Air Compressor isn’t a bad bit of kit. It’s easy to use, well made and looks great. It’s not quite as durable as a real industrial like compressor.

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