IeGeek Roswheel Cycling Frame Bag Review

Whether you ride your bike for leisure or commuting purposes, storage is often quite important as it gives you space to store things such as tools, spare inner tubes and personal belongings. For me, storage is important as it gives me somewhere to store my mini pump, tools and spare inner tube as well as a few personal things. The ieGeek Roswheel cycling frame bag offers two pockets for space and a removable phone pouch.

This bag has been designed to sit around the top tube of the bike frame, with one of the pockets at each side. This gives it an appearance almost similar to a petrol tank on a motorbike. Each of the two pockets is of equal size to the other, so there’s the same amount of room in each one. At first, the pockets appear flat, but they do expand out a bit to give you the full space available. Each pocket is secured using a zip to open and close it.

IeGeek Roswheel Cycling Frame Bag Review

Space provided by the two pockets is good enough for most little things you may carry around on your journeys. I have already mentioned a few things I store in mine, but there are so many other things you could store in one such as sandwiches for lunch or money.

IeGeek Roswheel Cycling Frame Bag Review

As I mentioned, there’s also a removable phone pouch. This is secured to the top of the ieGeek Roswheel cycling frame bag using hook and loop fasteners (Velcro). I did have my doubts at first about the use of hook and loop fasteners as a securing option, given that the idea of using this on a product that sits on a bike that can go up to 40mph seem unsafe. However, my doubts have been put to the side as I haven’t yet had any cases of the pouch coming away from the bag. The pouch offers plenty of room for most smartphones and there’s even a compartment in the back that could be used to house a slim profile power bank. My only real concern about the pouch is how much work it takes to place in and remove the phone from the pouch. There’s a hook and loop secured door flap that needs to be opened each time you want to place or remove the phone.

Installing the ieGeek Roswheel cycling frame bag isn’t hard at all. Well I say isn’t hard and I do stick by that, although I will point out that no instructions came included. While it may seem like common sense, an instruction sheet would have been nice to have. There are two points at which the bag secures to the bike. The first one is at the front, where the strap wraps around the bottom of the handlebar stem. The next is on the bottom side of the bag and wraps around the top tube of the frame. On my bike, the bag feels nice and secure, although I have tried it on a bike with a thicker top tube and while it was secure enough to stay on the bike, it did feel a bit loose

IeGeek Roswheel Cycling Frame Bag Review

Overall the ieGeek Roswheel cycling frame bag is a brilliant companion for storing the odd tools or personal belongings while riding your pride and joy. The removable phone pouch is a lovely bonus and it offers room for a low profile power bank as well, making it great for those times you use your phone as a GPS tracker.


  • Plenty of room
  • Removable phone pouch
  • Easy to install


  • Less secure feeling on thicker tube bikes
  • Takes some work to get a phone in and out of the pouch