Zulu Inferno Firecord Survival Bracelet Review: A Bracelet With A Trick Up Its Bracelet !!

When it comes to extreme activities that involve using a forest or other out of mainland area it’s always important to go prepared with equipment should the worst happen and that’s where the the Zulu inferno firecord survival bracelet comes in. It is one piece of equipment that combines several smaller pieces into a bracelet that sits on your wrist.

Zulu inferno firecord survival bracelet design

At first glance, this looks like a thick corded bracelet with a compass on the top of it, but once you get closer to it you can just about see the secrets it’s hiding. It may not look it at first but this is packing a 20ft nylon fishing line, two barbed hooks, two fishing floats, two fishing weights, two swivels, a natural cotton tinder plug, two safety pins, an alcohol swab and some plastic tubing. All of this is actually carefully hidden in a removable section in the middle of the bracelet. All the stuff is well wrapped and thankfully the fishing hooks can’t pierce through the wrapping, which means I haven’t been unnecessarily caught by one.

The bracelet part itself can be unraveled to create 18.5ft or tactiglow firecord. This is a handy feature, but only really use it if you absolutely have too as the cord takes time to turn back into a bracelet.


Also, present on the Zulu inferno firecord survival bracelet is a 12,000 strike firestarter that consists of hardened steel striker that really does create quite the spark. When used in conjunction with the combustible tinder core, this is great for starting fires.

Zulu inferno firecord survival bracelet quality

While I haven’t been out yet to properly test this bracelet I must admit, I do feel like quality wise it’s fantastic, even the included bits of equipment are fantastic as well. I do have to say the bracelet does feel slightly tight for me which leads to slight discomfort, even with it adjusted.

Everything I have looked at so far seems to work really well and I have even managed to start a small controlled fire going with the firestarter. I really don’t have much to complain about here at all.



The Zulu inferno firecord survival bracelet is an amazing bit of kit that not only gives you a basic firecord bracelet, but also a mini survival kit that lives inside the bracelet. The quality is great and apart from the slight discomfort from the tightness, I really can’t find anything to complain about. I would definitely recommend this.

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