Wonky Hill Miniature Garden Fairy Willow Set Review: A Cute Little Set Perfect For Outside Or Inside


Welcome to my Wonky Hill Miniature Garden Fairy Willow Set review. This is small set that has been designed to look good inside or outside. The set has four pieces altogether.

Design and build quality:

The set consists of four different pieces of miniature figurines. the four pieces are a fairy girl, a rocking chair, a bunny and a hedgehog. The bunny and hedgehog are both on top of sticks that are designed to be dug into the ground. If you want to use these inside you will need to make something you can stick the sticks in.

Each piece is constructed with a poly resin that makes them good for both inside and outside. It also gives them a tough solid feeling. These honestly do feel like they will last a while. The colors are pretty, although I can’t comment on how well they will last as this set has been living in my house instead of outside.

The fairy and chair in the set are used together with the fairy sitting in the chair. She can be removed and replaced at any time. The chair also rocks, but the airy does fall out flat on her face if you rock it with her in it.

Wonky Hill Miniature Garden

In use:

I am not really an ornament person, but my partner is and she loves this so much that she has it set up in the front room as one of her ‘main’ ornaments. It does look really nice and to be honest, it does look like it belongs on the sideboard.


This is a cute little set that looks good inside and can also be used outside. It’s well made and fits in really well with our current decor. I would definitely recommend this.


I received this product at a discounted price in recent for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.