VicTsing Remote Wireless Doorbell Kit Review

Many years ago a doorbell was something that required a setup so advanced that you have to know or be a qualified electrician to do the job properly, this of course meant prices may not have only included the doorbell but also labour charges as well. Thankfully the past few years has seen a rise of wireless doorbell kits in the market. These kits take away the need for any hefty, money costing and time-consuming setting up. The kits make use of wifi to transmit a signal between the transmitter and the receiver. The transmitter is usually powered by a small battery while the receiver plugs directly into a wall socket.


This is a two part kit that consists of a transmitter and receiver. The transmitter is a small round edged device that simply sits on your door. It has one large button with a blue led light surrounding it. The receiver mounts on your door or door frame using either the screws or adhesive pad included. I have used both together for added strength. Installing this to my door took less than 5 minutes to do and was as easy as it should be. I do have a criticism to make about the transmitter unit, which is that as a device that sits outside and is exposed to the elements, some sort of basic water seal between the front cover and back cover would be ideal to protect the circuit board from any water damage but unfortunately, there’s not one in sight on this unit which leads me to question just how long it might last. This to me is a really important issue that needs sorting.

The receiver unit is a square shaped device with rounded edges. It has a built in three prong plug (Although depending on where you live it may be a two prong plug). This built-in plug is very handy as it makes portability of this product a reality, it also helps keep the device from taking up space with any trailing wires. Just like the transmitter it also has a blue led ring that lights up when the transmitter is activated. On the side are also two buttons, one adjusts the volume and the other allows you to select from over 50 different pre-installed door chimes.

VicTsing Remote Wireless Doorbell Kit

In use:

This is a fantastic product in use, the fact it’s portable means I can carry the receiver around the house with me and plug it in, in whichever room I am in at the time. I also love just how loud it is at full volume, it’s so loud if I’m upstairs on a quiet day and the receiver is downstairs I will be able to hear it and know someone is at the door. I also enjoy most of the chimes although some of them are very annoying and if I could delete them I know I would.

If you do find the volume to be too loud or quiet at any stage then simply push the volume button a few times until you are satisfied. As I mentioned above I am very satisfied when this is at full volume.


A fantastic doorbell kit that’s easy to install and use. The only issue I have is a lack of sealing on the transmitter, this brings into questions just how long this will last before breaking.

DISCLAIMER: I received this product for a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.