Avantek Clip Lamp Review

The Avantek clip lamp is a simple, yet useful desk lamp that uses a clamp mechanism to sit on the edge of a desk or other flat surface to provide you with light that can be adjusted to be used at many different angles.

With an all-metal body, complete with a flexible arm, it’s clear to see that this lamp has been designed to ensure you can set it up to suit your needs, so say, you’re reading a book, you can have the light pointing directly at the page, so you don’t experience any struggle from a lack of light. You could also have it set up to point directly at your laptop keyboard, should you want to use your laptop in the dark.

Avantek Clip Lamp Review

The flexible arm can be bent to many angles any even rotated 360 degrees, which gives you the best amount of freedom you could ask for from a lamp. At the very top of this flexible arm is the light itself, which consists of a 220 lumens LED bulb, which offers an average life of 20000 hours of use.

At the bottom of the Avantek clip lamp is the clamp stand. Unfortunately, unlike some other clip-on lamps I have tried, the clip base on this one, can only be used to clip the lamp to surfaces, whereas others have come with the option of using the stand like a normal stand. With this lamp, this is not possible as the bottom of the clamp is slightly rounded, meaning it just falls over if you try to stand it up. That said the clamp itself works really well with my desk, it’s really simple to use and I have had no issues using it like this.

Taking care of the issue of power is a built-in USB cable that can be plugged into a wall socket with an adapter or into your computer. Unfortunately, there’s no battery in this lamp, so a constant power source is required. A built-in battery would have been a nice feature as it would make this lamp truly portable.

Operating the lamp is simple as counting to 3. There’s no buttons or switches, well that you see or touch in that sense. Instead, the whole body from the flexible arm to the clamp base is the power button. Simply tap anywhere on the lamp to turn it on or off, while tapping and holding will adjust the brightness up or down. I have to say I like this method a lot as it means I don’t have to look around for the power button, every time I want to turn the lamp on or off or adjust the brightness.

As a desk lamp, I have found myself using this for everything from reading documents in the dark, to adding light to photos of objects on my desk. The various brightness settings make it easy to have a setup perfect for the situation in occurrence.

The Avantek clip lamp provides a high level of brightness at the very top, which is great for things like reading and writing. At its lowest setting, it provides a moderate brightness that perfect for providing a bit of light in those situations, where some is lighting important, but not key to do what you are doing, such as providing a bit of light while using a phone in the dark.

Avantek Clip Lamp Review

Overall the Avantek clip lamp is a useful gadget that can be easily clipped to a desk or similar surface to provide the right level of light for any situation. It’s rather well made and very easy to use. I love that there’s no power button to find and I love the various brightness levels it provides. I do feel it would be better to have a rechargeable battery inside and I would have liked to see the clamp also act as a normal stand.


  • Simple to use
  • Various levels of brightness
  • Well made


  • No option to use clamp as a normal stand
  • No battery