Uten Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Review: Cleaner Jewelry Within Minutes

Uten Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Review: Introduction and product features

Welcome to my Uten ultrasonic jewelry cleaner review. You may not have thought about it, or you may even be aware that the gorgeous jewelry you wear every day is picking up thousands and thousands of bacteria that are not only making your jewelry dirty but also presenting a risk to your health. While cleaning jewelry isn’t always an easy task, it should be something you do regularly. This ultrasonic cleaner is here to make the job much easier, with better results in the end.

The following features list is taken from the Amazon product listing for this product.

  • 35 WATTS CLEANING POWER: With 35 watts power , this ultrasonic cleaner can remove contaminants much more easily , like oil, grease, wax, shavings, dirt, dust, clay and sand etc., without abrasion, harsh scrubbing, or high-pressure sprays, making it ideal to clean even the most delicate parts.
  • 40,000 Hz CYCLE ULTRASONIC ENERGY: Built with high-frequency vibration technology which stimulates the transducers and generates 40,000 Hz of ultrasonic wave.It comes with a removable cleaning basket & watch stand to prevent the transducer, reducing cavitation to be damaged as well as positioning the item within the optimal cleaning zone of the tank.
  • 600ml STAINLESS STEEL CLEANING TANK: Small and large jewelry, rings, bracelets, eyeglasses, waterproof watches and more, can be fully submerged and thoroughly cleaned using just tap water. Please Add detergent for enhanced cleaning.
  • SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS: Clean jewelry, necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, coins, eyeglasses, contact lens accessories, keys, diamonds, silverware, metal badges, watchbands, waterproof watches, shaver heads, razor blades, dentures, combs, toothbrushes, forks, knives, spoons etc.and other valuables!
  • 1-YEAR MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: We are confident in this professional ultrasonic cleaner and offering a full 1-year guarantee. We will do the best for you!

Uten Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Review: Design

This ultrasonic cleaner has a rather basic but functional design to it. Shape wise it looks like a large bean and in terms of color scheme, it’s white with grey accents. This color scheme gives it a household cleaning appliance feel.

On the front of the cleaner is a panel that is home to three vertically laid out buttons. One button is the On button, the next is the off button and the last button is the reset button. Above these buttons is a small LED status light.

Uten Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Opening the hinged lid of the cleaner reveals the inside, which is home to a removable basket, complete with a watch holding accessory. Once the basket is removed, the stainless steel water tank is revealed. At the top of the tank is the word ‘Max’ to inform you when to stop adding water. The lid also has a see-through window, so you can keep an eye on the process without opening the lid halfway through.

Located around the back is the plug. It’s a standard UK three pin plug complete with a 3A fuse. Of course, the plug you get depends on your country and its regulations.

Uten Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Review: Ease of use

Using this ultrasonic cleaner is quite simple. First of all, you simply lift the lid, fill the tank with water, add your item or items, then close the lid, plug the device into the mains and finally turn it on using the on button. After 180 seconds, the cycle will be finished, but if you wish to give it another 180 seconds, simply push the reset button.

Uten Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Review: The results

As well as jewelry, this cleaner can also be used for other items such as keys, razor blades, small metal parts and coins as well as other small metal items. I have so far used it to clean a few things from coins to jewelry. The results have been good, but not stellar. Good results are good, but not as good as the results you would get from an industrial system. The end product is clean and it certainly shows, but do not expect it to be new looking as well.

Uten Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

I should also point out that some items took a fair few rounds to clean properly. I’m talking about three to four goes, but at three minutes at a time, the overall time isn’t too bad. The overall cleaning experience is a rather positive one, even if it takes a few goes.

Uten Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Review: Overall

For an at home cleaner, the Uten ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is a fantastic device that is easy to operate and does a good enough job of providing a clean finish. The results are good, but some items do require an extra bit of pushing to get as clean as they can.


  • Easy to use
  • Can be used to clean various items
  • Does clean well


  • Sometimes requires a few rounds to properly clean an item