Ten Point Survival Bracelet Review: The Essentials On Your Wrist


Welcome to my Ten Point Survival bracelet review. When you are out exploring, getting lost is always going to be a risk, so you need something that has all the essentials but is small enough to carry around, that’s where this bracelet comes in.


The bracelet is made from a military standard and weather resistant parachute cord. This choice of material makes it feel incredibly strong. It’s so strong that when I have tried to pull it in both of my hands I have ended up hurting my fingers while doing no damage to the bracelet.

The bracelet uses a plastic buckle system with three prongs on one side and a space for them on the other side. These buckle parts are also home to a built-in whistle, compass and flint fire starter/cutter blade. Due to the location of the flint fire starter/cutter blade, it can be a bit awkward to put this on your wrist as the sharp edge keeps getting in the way. The bracelet can also be unraveled and sued as a rescue rope.

Once one and around my wrist I find this to actually be quite comfortable. It isn’t too tight and it isn’t too slack, it’s just right.

Ten Point Survival Bracelet Review

In use:

The different functions of this bracelet actually work quite well. The whistle works great and is perfect for alerting people of your presence or scaring away wildlife. The compass works quite well, although you will have to get your hand steady first for it to give an accurate reading and in all honesty, I wouldn’t say you should rely on this compass unless you absolutely have to. The flint also seems to be quite good, although it does need to be used at an angle to get the best out of it. The blade is perfect for cutting through thin rope or small branches and maybe harvesting some lunch. I haven’t yet unraveled the bracelet as I fear I will not be able to redo it up.


This small bracelet may look like a simple little thing, but it could one day get you through a dangerous situation. It may not be 100% awesome but it is 100% handy to have.


I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.