SIMBR Wireless Doorbell Set Review: Hear The Doorbell Even When Your In The Back Garden


Welcome to my SIMBR Wireless Doorbell Set review. Until quite recently doorbells were hard-wired into houses and couldn’t be carried about, which meant if you were waiting for a parcel but wanted to go relax in your rear garden, you couldn’t until it arrived. With a wireless doorbell, you can take the receiver outside or around the house with you to ensure you don’t miss the door.


What I really love about this set is that you get not only one receiver but two (although you can just get it with one receiver for a lower price), which means you can have one upstairs and one downstairs or one in your shed (Providing the distance is right) and one in your front room. This means no having to carry a doorbell around with you and remembering to bring it back again.

Both receivers look exactly the same. They are both square-shaped with rounded corners, a set of holes on the front panel which cover over the speaker and three buttons that are located on the bottom. One is for volume adjustment, another is for picking a chime from the 36 installed chimes and the other is a button for pairing a new transmitter.

Each of the receivers is powered by two AA batteries (not included). These sit in a compartment on the rear of each receiver. Also, present on the rear of each receiver is a small hole that can be used to hang them on a wall.

The transmitter retains the square design with rounded corners but is much smaller and only has one button on it, which is, of course, the doorbell button. It comes in two halves, which are a front plate and a rear plate. The rear plate mounts onto your door or wall, while the front plate is home to the circuit board and battery area (CR2032 battery comes included). The two clip together to form the whole unit, while a small band sits in between them to keep the transmitter waterproof, admittedly this band is a bit of annoyance when trying to put the front panel back.  The transmitter can be mounted by screwing it to a wall, or a wooden surface or stuck down on a PVC door using the included sticky padding.

SIMBR Wireless Doorbell

In use:

Setting this kit up was simply a case of mounting the bell and installing the batteries in the kit. Once this is done, the kit is ready to go with no extra work required at all. From here on in you can set a chime or adjust the volume.

At their loudest, the receivers can be heard quite well in my house. I am also able to have a receiver outside or even on the third level of my house without any signal issues at all.


This doorbell kit is really good. It works really well and is easy to set up. The only issue I have is that the waterproof seal is quite annoying when you are trying to put the front and back panel of the receiver together because it doesn’t stay in place very well.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.