Runsil Q5 Bluetooth Speaker Lamp Review

The Runsil Q5 Bluetooth speaker lamp is as the name implies is a two in one speaker and lamp. It fuses the two objects together to create a device that looks more like a lamp than an actual speaker.

When it comes to the design, this looks like something that would suit a bedside unit, more than anywhere else. It’s got a chubby cylindrical shape to it from top to bottom. This shape does make it look a little bit ugly compared to more contemporary designs.

Runsil Q5 Bluetooth Speaker Lamp Review

At the top end of the Runsil Q5 are a speaker driver and grill, while the bottom end is home to the user control panel as well as some ports, a MicroSD slot and lastly a hanging hook. The light section sits in the middle of it and runs from above the control panel to just below the driver setup.

When turned off you have a completely white device, but once turned on you can set up it up to display 6 different colors including white and blue just to name a couple. There are also three brightness settings with this lamp, meaning you can have it setup with a brightness that suits your needs.

Runsil Q5 Bluetooth Speaker Lamp Review

Powering the Runsil Q5 is a built-in 4000mAh rechargeable battery that takes about 4 hours to charge from flat. In use, I’ve gotten roughly 5 to 6 hours with a moderate volume and using it as both a light and speaker. Not really an impressive battery life if I’m honest, I think it would be better with at least 10 hours.

Connectivity options include Bluetooth, MicroSD and AUX, meaning you have a wide range of choice in regards to your music source. It’s not often you see all three of these choices on one speaker, so I have to say that’s quite a shock, although a very welcome one at that.

The initial pairing of the Runsil Q5 with my smartphone was a quick and easy task. As usual most of the work is done from the smartphone, while all you have to do with the speaker is press the power button and switch it into Bluetooth mode. As is normal, the working range between the speaker and a device connected via Bluetooth is 10 meters With both my speaker and phone within this range, I have had no issues at all, even with a wall in between.

When it comes to audio quality, I have heard better than what the Runsil Q5 gives out. That said if you’re not an audiophile, it really won’t matter much. The audio produced is good enough for one person to enjoy, but it isn’t anything you could dance to. The volume can get loud and surprisingly there’s not really any distortion, although the overall sound is quite hollow and lacks a decent level of bass.

Runsil Q5 Bluetooth Speaker Lamp Review

Also present is a built-in microphone, that’s great for hands-free calls. It does a fantastic job of clearly picking up voices and aiding in their final delivery to the person on the other end of the phone.

Overall the Runsil Q5 is an alright gadget that combines a light and a speaker in one handy little package. The light mode is great, while the audio is good enough for personal listening. I feel the battery is the weakest area of this product and could be a lot better than it is.


  • Two in one design
  • Great lamp
  • Multiple connection choices


  • Weak battery
  • Not the most attractive design