Poweradd LED Table Lamp Review

The Poweradd LED table lamp certainly is different from the typical everyday lamps you would see in a front room or bedroom, but for me, this is good, as I’m not normally a fan of typical looking table lamps that while useful are otherwise quite boring.

Enbrighten Color-Changing LED Table Lamp, Night Light, Touch Sensor On/Off, Dimmable, Ideal for Bedroom, Home Office, Nursery, Bathroom, White, 49078
  • Modern Design – Successfully combining technology and décor, this elegantly designed frosted-bowl lamp will never seem out of place in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or living room
  • Light at Your Fingertips – Brighten your home using intuitive capacitive touch technology as you choose between three levels of soft white light, or from a wide array of color options
  • Choose Your Color – Choose your favorite from 12 colors such as blue, green and violet or simply let them automatically cycle through as they lull you to sleep
  • USB Powered – Included USB cord provides more options than the standard plug-in method, simply insert the barrel end into the lamp and plug the USB-A connector into a corresponding port or wall-adapter
  • Lifetime LED – Product is created to last and designed to save you money without sacrificing style or utility

So what makes this lamp different then? Well for a start there’s the funky looking and very modern design. Instead of a stand-up base with a socket on top, its a bowl like design that is very similar in styling to most modern electrical essential oil diffusers. Since it’s LED the bulbs are all built-in to the bowl itself, meaning there’s no need for a large socket taking up space. I also have to say I love the color scheme that is going on here, the base of the lamp is green, while the top part is white.

Poweradd LED Table Lamp Review

The most interesting part of this design is the fact the light has been designed with gesture activation in mind. The only thing you have to press is a button to switch the light on, from there a simple wave of the hand does all the other work. So for example, if you want to adjust the brightness, you simply hold your hand above the lamp and if you want the light to go off into a standby mode, simply wave you have over it, to awake it simply wave your hand over again. Overall I found the gestures to work quite well with a success rate 0f at least 99%, with the odd issue here and there.

If you don’t want to set the lamp down on a desk and would prefer to have it hanging on a wall, you’ll be happy to know that the designers of the Poweradd LED table lamp have included a hanging loop on the underside of the light.

There is one thing about the design that I don’t really like and its the choice of plastic for the whole outer shell. Yes, this is a cheap light, but given the gorgeous styling of it, that almost hollow feeling plastic gives it a slightly tacky feeling.

If you want a light that’s bright enough to light up your desk on a dark evening, then this one is a good choice. At its brightest setting, its bright enough to provide enough light to all areas of my large sized desk. At its dimmest, it provides a nice level of light suitable for relaxing or reading a book.

Poweradd LED Table Lamp Review

Of course, a lamp requires a power source and luckily this one is free from the ropes of a plug socket as it has a built-in rechargeable battery, meaning it is completely portable in every sense. You could take it out camping if you really wanted to. A full charge takes roughly four hours using the provided microUSB cable. The amount of time the battery lasts is completely dependant on what brightness setting you have the light at. The seller claims the light can last between 4 to 100 hours. I have yet to test these claims fully but do feel that 100 hours is probably a bit too ambitious. I have managed to get around four hours give or take using the brightest setting, but am yet to venture as far as up to 100 hours for the dimmest setting.

So above all, the Poweradd LED table lamp is a pretty decent lamp to own. It’s not a traditional lamp by any means but for some people (like myself) this is what makes it worthy of sitting on the desk. Its styling is great, even if I’m not a fan of the plastic and the brightness settings are perfect. The battery is a bit of a grey area as I do feel the 100-hour mark is fairly over the top. The best thing about it though is the gesture controls, which are great and work pretty well in my experience.


  • Modern styling
  • Decent brightness settings
  • Gesture controls
  • Fully portable


  • Plastic body
  • Over-ambitious 100-hour battery life

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