Pangton Villa RGB TV Backlight Kit Review: My Old T.V Looks Awesome Again


Welcome to my Pangton Villa RGB TV Backlight Kit review. T.V’s are most often one of the main points of attention in a front room, but they can get a bit boring and don’t always make very good decor until now that is.

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Quality and setup:

When this kit first arrived at my door, it was in an unassembled state as is normal for any LED strip light. In this state, the LED strip light set is rolled up and wrapped around a wheel. Unlike other strip lights I have used though this one actually comes pre-cut and fixed to allow you to place spacing cables between each corner of the T.V, so you end up with a complete loop around the back. In the end, you end up with four lots of strip lighting, one for each side at the rear of the T.V set.

As well as the main LED light strip, connectors,and their small counterparts are also included, to enable you to successfully run the strip around the back of the T.V. If like me you find one of the strips is slightly too long, you can easily cut it by cutting down the black line in one of the copper-colored areas of the strip.

Pangton Villa RGB TV Backlight Kit Review

Setting this strip up really wasn’t that hard of a job and time wise it took me all of 10 minutes to do properly. The strip certainly sticks to the back of the TV using a 3m sticky back, which means applying this is really easy and no tools are required, unless of course, you need to cut the strip a bit with some scissors. I did have a few issues getting the sticky back covering protector off as most of it seemed to not want to peel up properly.

The strip is powered by a provided USB cable, which can be plugged into any USB adapter or USB port. Luckily my TV has a USB port built-in, so I have this plugged directly into that, meaning it draws power from my TV directly.

In terms of size, these strips can be bought in several sizes. The bigger you need the more you will end up paying. The sizes are as follows:

  • 32 to 47 inch T.V’s
  • 48 to 50 inch T.V’s
  • 55 inch T.V’s
  • 60 to 70 inch T.V’s

A remote control is also included. This is a small remote with several buttons on. Some of the buttons are for selecting colors, while the rest are things like powering the lights down and back up again, changing the brightness and changing the mode.

Pangton Villa RGB TV Backlight Kit Review

The quality itself isn’t that bad, the strip has a thick rubber coating running over it to protect the LED’s from dust and water, although in all honesty you most likely won’t find water near your TV. The cable connectors are also well made and a thin cable style to ensure they aren’t too bulky at all.

In use:

My Pangton Villa T.V is only 32 inch and is from some time around 2008, so it’s not too big and not very modern, but it still works. These light strips seem to have given it a new lease of life in a way, as it now looks kind of cool.

The lights are set to their brightest and they look fantastic. All the different modes to choose from mean I am able to select something calm like a smooth fade in and out or something rough like strobe light setting. I always set it depending on the mood I am in and what I am watching.

Pangton Villa RGB TV Backlight Kit Review

The remote works flawlessly and I have no complaints. The buttons are responsive and even offer a little feedback click to ensure you that the button has been pressed. To see the lights in action, check them out on my video.


These lights are a fantastic way to spruce up your entertainment center and add a bit of cool decor to the area. The lights have several modes and aren’t very hard to set up. The remote works very well.


I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

Thank you for reading this Pangton Villa

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