Lazy Camper 10 X 25 Folding Children’s Binoculars Review

Today I am reviewing the Lazy Camper 10 X 25 Folding Binoculars.


As these are children’s binoculars they are rather compact. They are in fact so compact that when they are folded they easily fit in my jeans pockets. The viewing area lenses are just the right size for children’s eyes, however if I try to look through them my eyes don’t quite fit, but then again these aren’t designed for adults. That doesn’t mean an adult can’t use them, it just means they are better for children.

In terms of body design, these are a typical pair of binoculars with two telescopic lenses attached to one another using a bridge in between. There are two focus wheels, one in the centre of the bridge and the other is located on the right eyepiece. When not in use the binoculars can be folded up to allow them to be carried easily. They also come with a carry case or a neck strap if you fancy wearing them around you neck instead.

In terms of durability, they feel very tough. They are coated in a thick rubber that provides protection from sudden drops and falls. I actually dropped these onto a solid stone path the first time I used them and they came out completely unharmed.

In use:

Despite being for children and not 100% fitting my eyes I still gave these a go to see how well they performed and for the price I am quite impressed. Once focused properly the image I was able to see was very clear. I used the binoculars to focus on a few different objects in the distance such as some turbines, a tower and a busy road all in the distance from my house. I was able to see each of these as a clear magnified image.


A small and simple set of children’s binoculars. They are well-built and work great for their price.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.