Langria Interlocking Plastic Wardrobe Cabinet Review: A Fantastic Cabinet That’s Fun To Put Together


Welcome to my Langria Interlocking Plastic Wardrobe Cabinet review. Space is a real issue in my house so cabinets are definitely a must, however, cabinets can be expensive and then, of course, there’s also the time it takes to put them up. This cabinet deals with both of those issues.

Design, setup and quality:

Unlike other cabinets that are made from wood and come flat packed in a hundred awkward pieces, this one is made from plastic sheets wrapped around steel frames that each connect together using plastic multi angles connectors. There are 24 translucent white panels that each clip together to make six square compartments.

Langria Interlocking Plastic Wardrobe Cabinet Review

Assembling the cabinet isn’t just easy, it’s actually quite fun as well. Which is not something you often hear about flat pack furniture. I put the cabinet together in the step shape so that from left to right, it goes, three boxes stacked, then two boxes stacked and lastly one box on its own. This took me about 15 minutes to do in total and I came across no difficulty at all. I can honestly say this is one thing I have had fun putting together.

Once done I was surprised to see just how stable the cabinet is. It’s rigid and wobble free, just like a fully solid cabinet. Despite being made from plastic film, the shelves are very strong, which again is quite a surprise as you just wouldn’t expect plastic to be so good.

Langria Interlocking Plastic Wardrobe Cabinet Review

In use:

The cabinet is set up in my main bedroom and is used to hold all sorts of bits and bobs such as boxes, a teddy and even some electric candles (I wouldn’t recommend putting real candles on here). As you can see from the photos the space provided is enough for these small bits and bobs and if you wanted and if you were adventurous you could set it up as a shoe rack.

Personally, I am amazed at just how well this product holds the items I have placed in and on it. It’s such amazing cabinet. Another nice thing about is that if you to make bigger you can by simply buying another pack and putting them together.

Langria Interlocking Plastic Wardrobe Cabinet Review


This is a stunning cabinet that is really fun to put together and very sturdy when built. It can be setup in a few different shapes to really add a bit of class to the room it’s in.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.