Langria Heavy Duty Adjustable Clothing Rail Review

Today I am reviewing the Langria Heavy Duty Adjustable Clothing Rail. This is a garment rack similar to what you may see holding costumes backstage at a theatre.

Setup and design:

So the first thing to do when you get this is set it up, now while it says it’s a toolless setup you will require a cross head screwdriver for the storage clips and an adjustable spanner for the wheels. However the main frame of the rack comes in three parts, the rail which is in two parts and the base which is one large part that holds the wheels and a pole at each side to clip the rail parts too. Putting the main frame together was a very easy job as each part clips together using a clip button and hole. Now the beauty of this product is it can be easily stored without having to fully dismantle it and as I mentioned above there are storage clips and what these do is the top rail onto the base of the frame while the wheels and two arms are folded inwards. This gives you a completely flat product which can be easily stored without taking up very much room at all. The clips and wheels are the only things that require tools but just like the rest of the product, these are rather easy to install. Of course, to aid you in putting the rail together properly there is a full set of very clear and very easy to read instructions included.


The main rails can also be extended outwards to create a bit more room on the outside of the rail. In all honesty, though I haven’t had to use these as I find the space to be adequate enough without the poles extended.

In terms of space, this rail does take up quite a bit of space in use, but then again with the wheels installed it’s actually designed to be moved around really easily and as I mentioned at the very beginning this is similar to a clothing rack you find backstage at a theater. The wheels make moving it really easily as they smoothly glide along smooth floors with ease and they also move very well across carpeted areas.

In use:

I am actually really happy with this rail and am really surprised with just how much it can hold, admittedly though for now I have had to fold it down while I create more space, however, I did test it for a few days and I was very happy. I was able to store quite a few clothing items on it and I was even able to store boxes on the bottom base. I do think it would be better if the bottom base had some sort of shelf setup to help make more use of it.



A brilliant rail that’s easy to set up. It holds plenty of clothes and even has wheels for easy transportation. it can also be folded up for easy storage when not in use.

DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.