Langria 6 Tier Modern Shelving Set Review: A Way To Adapt Storage Without Taking Up Too Much Room


Welcome to my Langria 6 Tier Modern shelving set review. This is a flat pack shelving unit that consists of 6 different shelves for holding a range of things. Once up, despite its size, the shelve doesn’t take up too much room, so it really can be considered a real space saver.

Setup and design:

I’m not going to sugar coat it, setup was a nightmare mostly due the terrible instructions and the spacers used to hold each shelve in place. Admittedly once I worked it out for myself I managed to get the shelving unit built, even if it did take me a bit of time.

The set consists of six shelves, five of which are the same and one of which is the designated top shelve. The top shelf is different to the other five as it has the strengthening bars on the top instead of underneath. It also consists of four legs, four midsection bars and four top section bars. These bars run up each corner of the unit to create the frame and legs. Also included are several spacers, these live under the corner section of each shelve and are used as an alternative to bolts and nuts to secure each shelve into place and lastly there are four adjustable feet. Admittedly I’m not a fan of these spacers, but once installed properly they do the job quite well.

 LANGRIA 6 Tier Modern Storage Organization Rack

The shelves can be positioned at many different heights, so you can have an even adjustment where each shelve is equal in terms of how far from the last one it is or so the shelves are all unequal creating a shelving unit with different levels of height per shelve.

Once built up the shelve is surprisingly really sturdy with no shakes or wobbles at all. I really thought the spacers weren’t going to hold and the shelves would fall but they haven’t at all. The sturdiness of this set is fantastic. The shelving unit also looks really nice with its silver finish. The unit also doesn’t take up too much room which is a huge bonus.

 LANGRIA 6 Tier Modern Storage Organization Rack

In use:

I have this shelving unit upstairs in the master bedroom currently being used to hold boxes and two of my son’s rucksacks, which are hung on the included hook set. Each shelve has really held up quite well and left me really impressed.  As I mentioned mine is currently holding boxes but there are so many things you could use this unit for, you could even place it in a kitchen as a spice shelf or for holding jars.

 LANGRIA 6 Tier Modern Storage Organization Rack


This is a fantastic shelving unit that holds up really well and is perfect for a number of storage needs. The only issues I had were the putting it together part and the very unclear instructions.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.