Langria 4 Tier Mesh Shoe Rack Review: A Fantastic Shoe Rack


Welcome to my Langria 4 Tier Mesh Shoe Rack review. Langria certainly has some amazing space-saving products and today I will be reviewing one of those amazing products, their four-tier mesh shoe rack.

Design, setup and quality:

Like most types of furniture and storage solutions, this shoe rack comes flat packed in a box with instructions showing you how to put it together. Assembling it was quite easy, so easy I figured it out without even looking at the instructions. The only tool required is a cross head screwdriver to tighten each of the four shelves. Once the four shelves are assembled in place, it’s simply a case of slotting the two halves together to create a four-tier shelf or if you wish you can keep them both separate. I opted for the two together to create a large four tier rack.

Once assembled the rack looks great. It’s made from metal and the shelves each have a mesh bottom, while the front of them is contoured to ensure shoes don’t slip off. Each of the shelves has space for at least three pairs of large shoes and space for at least five pairs of toddler shoes. I have a mixture of different sized shoes in my house so this rack is used for adults and a child.

The quality is fantastic and the end product is a well-designed rack that is sturdy and well made. There are no issues regarding quality what so ever. The rack is simply well made.

Langria 4 Tier Mesh Shoe Rack Review

In use:

I have this set up in my hallway where it currently sits against my wall, ready to take shoes as people enter the house and hand out shoes as people leave the house. It looks truly stunning sat where it is and does such as much better job than our old shoe shelf.

It works really well and is very easy to clean, I simply wipe it down and it’s as good as new. The style of it makes it look fantastic and it really fits in quite well with my decor.


This is a faultless storage solution from Langria. It’s well made holds plenty of shoes and is extremely easy to put together. It’s so much better than my old shoe rack and really looks the part too.


I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.