Jetery Laser Distance Measure Review

Today I am reviewing the Jetery Laser Distance Measure. This is practically an electronic tape measure that allows you to measure up to 40m.


This unit has a rectangular shape that makes it look like an old mobile phone in terms of design. On the front of the unit are several buttons, a large LCD display, and a spirit level which is used to check if the measure is straight or not. Around the back is a threaded hole which is used to mount the device onto a tripod if required. Also around the back is the battery cover, which lifts off to reveal the battery housing, which houses two AAA batteries, which come included to get you started right away. At the top of the device is a large lens which detects the laser and next to the lens is the laser pointer itself.

The overall build quality is pretty good and the device is rather rugged with a tough plastic exterior shell. It doesn’t weigh too much and is very comfortable to use. It’s coloured in black and yellow with black the main colour and yellow the colour of the lines running around the shell.

Jetery Laser Distance Measure Review

Each button on the front of the device has a rubber coating and also provides a feedback click. Thanks to the provided instructions it’s really easy to find out what button does what.

When not in use it can be stored safely thanks to an included carry case for it. Also included is a wrist strap to have it secured to your wrist as you use it.

In use:

I have used a few of these now, so I am used to how they work, but luckily if you haven’t used one before the included instructions are very detailed and are even written in multiple languages. So it won’t take you too long to get the hang of this device.

Jetery Laser Distance Measure Review

To take a measurement with this, simply place it in line with where you need to measure, so for example if measuring the length of a room for a carpet, place the measure at the bottom of the room and line it up with the skirting board at the top of the room so you see a straight beam of laser light running across the floor. Once you have it positioned simply press the measure button and there you go, it will display the measurement for you. It can display up to four measurements on the screen at once and if you need more than four you can simply press the save button to save your measurements to the device to come back to later.

It’s capable of converting your measurement for you as well, so simply take your measurement and then press the unit button until you get the unit of measurement you are looking for, no more pesky math work.

In terms of accuracy, I feel that is fairly accurate, testing it by measuring my room with an old but trusted tape measure  and then measuring the same part with the laser measure gave me pretty much the same readings. I did this a few times to be sure and each time it was pretty much the same.


This is a great device that easy to use as soon as you get the hang of it. It’s well-built and seems pretty accurate as well.

DISCLAIMER: I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.