Is Kodi Legal ?

Is Kodi legal ? Yes or No ?
If you are new to the Kodi scene you may think that Kodi created the. Media Center in order for third party add-ons to provide users with Copy written content. But in fact, this is completely false. Kodi created the program in order for people to do many different things. None of them included using the program to stream copy written content.
Unfortunately, for Kodi, their program is open source and can be used by anyone for whatever they choose to use it for. In the past few years Kodi (Formerly XBMC) has exploded in popularity mainly because of these third party add-ons that do provide just about every piece of video content ever made.
Whether or not you use Kodi to stream Copy Written content is up to you. But we wanted to go over some of the features the Kodi was originally designed for.
Using Kodi to view content on your network
One of the best things about Kodi is that it allows you to watch content from your own digital library on any device that has Kodi on it. Kodi has the functionality to pair with computers and NAS (Network Attached Storage) Servers. This means that after a little bit of setting up you can now access your entire digital library of Videos, Music and Pictures on any device in your house with Kodi set up.
HD Homerun Integration An HD Homerun device is basically a TV tuner that receives local channels from a connected HD TV Antenna and or receives Channels from your cable connection.
The HD Homerun device then feeds that signal into your Home network by connecting it to an Ethernet cable. Once you get your HD Homerun device set up, connected to the video source and connected to your network you can now integrate into Kodi. By simply installing the HD Homerun addon from the official Kodi repository you can start viewing all of the content that the HD Homerun device is receiving from the connected sources. This is a great way to enjoy TV on many devices in your house from one source.
Please keep in mind that many cable companies and channels like ESPN encrypt the video signal so that you have to use their cable box to view these channels. So not all of the channels will work if you connect your cable connection to the HD Homerun device.
The Official Kodi Repository
The Official Kodi Repository has over 350 completely legal addons that provide endless amounts of video content from different content providers all over the world. Some of these addons include ABC Family, Apple Itunes Podcasts, Bravo, CBS News and many more.

For the full list of Official Kodi video add-ons click the following link.

Kodi Add-Ons
We hope this article helped explain exactly what Kodi was actually created for and some new things you can play around with.

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